Midstakes Madness - Live on NL200 Zoom

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Join the midstakes fun with Lackoo as your guide - his special webinar will this time focus on live play on midstakes zoom tables and all the hard spots that can come out of it.


HM2 lacko live session video mid stakes PokerStars Rush speed Zoom

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  • nguyenduccuong230690


    xem rồi
  • WillSagui


  • tetalima


    very good :)
  • grindertico


    Hi Lacko sorry about my english im from costarica.
    At the minute 5:43 you have 66 at CO there is a recreational player at the big bling and you or,
    then at the flop qqk yo dicide to check behind, i dont understand a lot theat check behind because
    you can protect a lot of times your hand without giving free equity of 7,8,9,t,j,A that is a LOT of equity
    for 2 streets ( because if you are bluffcathching) 1 street you have to give a free turn and a free river), so i think, oh! probably he is checking that hand because he want to bluffcather 1 street
    but you fold that hand!! why???
  • Lackoogcb


    Hey grindertico!

    Against recreational players cbetting half pot almost always fine. When he has a high fold to cbet stat then you definiately have to bet, but in this case I just dont know that if he folds a lot or not. On KQxs flop I don't like betting withouth equity, he will call any gutshot (AT, J9, T9) any flush draw, any straightdraw, any pair and I cannot really improve, so I choosed to check. I'd agree bluffcatching once on a safe turn, but on a jack I just don't think I can call, specially twice.
  • grindertico


    ok thanks :)
  • 27os


    hi lacko,

    hope u still in here.

    at 43:39 u shove TT in SB over the cold4bet from BB, whats ur range and whats u think his looks like? u only have a valuerange for shoving?
  • Lackoogcb


    hey 27os!

    I don't have a big sample and information about him to create a precise shoving range, but in general (based on population tendencies and personal experiens) I assume an avg reg at 200 would bluff 4b something like: AQo, AJ, KQ, KJs, some of them do it too often (all Axs, all broadways), some of them too rarely. And for value: TT+, AQs+, so I think considering my FE TT is a clear shove. I'd probably shove 99+, AQ+. I'd agree with flatting 4bet with TT and using a mix strategy, flatting JJ, AQ, some scs and sometimes aces too.
  • JackPot11


  • kacsa1st


    cool vid :)
  • Tightfold


    in 17:45 i think you missed a lot of value on the river. he almost never has better