Red Line rampage - Printing Money Preflop

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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3betting and 4betting more is one of the first thing you can do to increase your red line. w34z3l explains in this video how you can expand your 3bet-ranges IP/OOP , squeezing IP and also how you can adjust to play vs 3bets IP/OOP. After showing the theory our coach will show you the practice in a database of one of our users. Red Line Rampage - the thread


3bet IP 3bet OOP 4bet Database Review Game Plan HM2 Ranges red line squeezeplay Theory Video

Comments (25)

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  • Svinhugg


    Another brilliant video. This is just the areas that I need to improve.
  • Crrrrrrr


    So you make the first video silver and then gold? ='(
  • Prodigy237


    So disappointed... Posted my Homework #1 and waited all week for the next vid & can only watch the first 4 mins!!!
  • treeonealpha


    great series... well worth the investment
  • teddypoker


    @Crrrrrrr, Prodigy237
    This all series was created to be published for Gold status, as a bonus for you we lower the level of the first video to Silver
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the vid! :) Nice stuff.
  • Saangalo


    Please don't hate me:

    Anyway the video is awesome I can barely wait to get into my database a little bit deeper!!! ( Watching the video I've already found some pretty bad folds that I did for 3bets '-')
  • ConteCaly


    beautiful video... a very great work
  • andreis1985


    After this vid increased WWSF and now holding red line above zero, distance is only 4k hands though.
    I always thought that my problem is postflop play, but after this vid I realised, that there is so much space for improvements on preflop as well, amazing! Looking forward to see new videos.
  • LuciBlink


    nice .. do you have something simillar for biger stakes?
  • w34z3l


    #10 you could check out the later episodes of evolution of poker series if you are interested in game theory
  • w34z3l


    Thanks for the feedback all
  • allihate


    nice :)
  • slovi3


    Really good video just like series! I watched first two and soon I will watch third part with blind efficiency!

    Learned a lot, become more agressive and i can feel the difference on better. I improved a lot with my red line and I can tell that opponents have hard time with me on the tables :D

    Keep up with good videos.
  • buschips


    Keep up with the good videos. Really like your stuff.
  • silvy187999


    sorry in english is not my favorit here.
  • pearlamb


    Aceitando todo tipo de ofensas e indiretas que venham escritas em notas de cem.
  • bbaass


    Please let me HUD as in this video. Very competent HUD. I really liked, but I did not find it.
  • JackPot11


    коммент для билета... без обид ;)
  • peethimself


    Great as usual.
  • mlatasrb


    Hi, in the beginning you said that OOP A9o is much harder to play because if we have no info on villian's barreling frequencies, and he starts barreling, it is a tough spot for us. I think if you hit Axx with A9o, it is very easy to play. We always have (at least should) have info, if population is agressive with 3 barrels. Since for limits 2-100 NL, population is very value heavy when 3 barreling, then we have easy call flop and turn and call river. If villian is agro, again easy call down. If we have 0 info really, dont care about population reads, we have call down, since it is good blocker. Off course it is still big advantage IP, just wanted to say that it is not tough to play high top pairs OOP on any limit.
  • mlatasrb


    Regarding your strategy to 3bet IP broadways. The downside of such strategy is that in total you can defend less amount of hands e.g. BU vs CO, because you 3bet hands that can +EV flat CO vs BU. If you would 3bet hands as e.g. 85s and similar that likely cant flat +EV, but you cold call hands as A9o, KJo, QJo, then you obviously defend more hands preflop +EV. Now the question is, are you winning so much more money when 3betting with QJo, KJo, KTo, A9o, comparing to e.g. 85s, 75s, K2-K8s, so that it is more profitable to 3bet broadways and defend less amount of hands preflop vs open raise?
  • mlatasrb


    You mentioned 41:03 that 4betting SC would be ok because board coverage reasons (doesnt apply for low limits). Why does it apply for higher limits? Anyway such low board as you mentioned 754, occur very rarely, so even if we dont connect with the board, we still have in 4bet range big range advantage, that it doesnt matter if we dont hit low board, since our opponent also doesnt hit it.
  • vikash62004


    i applied value betting i.e 3 bet or 4 bet preflop to after the flop but i am still losing money in omaha HI.
  • modeob


    thanks!!! A LOT of information!! I have work to do!