Red Line Rampage - Blind Efficiency

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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In the 3rd episode w34z3l will focus on the impact of our blind-play on the red line. He introduces a recommended method to analyse the efficiency of our play from the Small- and Big Blind. The analysis will be using features from Holdem Manager 2 and will help you to improve your play from the blinds. Dedicated Forum thread for this series: Red Line Rampage - the thread


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  • Rakor88


    just in time!
  • ConteCaly


    beautiul video... in particular 4 teach us what hm2 can do...

    ty 4 the great and nice job

    ps- is possible to have your hud&pop-up? Thanks
  • antipraslak


    great vid
  • billo89


  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Very good strategy
  • pearlamb


    Q: Whats the difference between online poker and live poker? A: You can cry after a bad beat online and no one will laugh at you.
  • pearlamb


    muito bom, fantástico, espetacular, interessante, inspirador, incentivador, útil.
  • gismo75un


    just in time!
  • lucasmt1989


    SCHADE Dise woch
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the vid! ;)
  • serga777


  • silvy187999


    leider erst ab GOLD und dazu noch auf englisch, leider nichts für mich.
  • alendelon911


    Перевод где?
  • Barbosafred


  • Barbosafred


    boas eu sou o barbosa fred gostei imenso do video foi uma boa aprenderem e que devias continuar espero encontrar mais videos teus pois eles sao bons ate a uma proxima
  • falconUA


    Good vid, useful even for midstakes.
  • sandraardnas


    Hey weasel, I got question about x/r flop in blind war. You said it should be like 20%.
    I dont get it really. Take 789s for example. If we want to raise all of our straights and bluffs to balance, then we would be raising about 150 kombo which would be like 25% of our entire range.
    But most of the time flops arent that nut and draw heavy, often we dont have raising range almost at all.
    And very often flop is like J68, where we have 20 kombo of two pair+ and then 40 bluffs which all about 10% of starting range. I dont think we should x/r AJ or KJ in such spots against many players, so do you suggest to be bluff heavy with our x/raises? And then adjust by adding more top pairs against villains that catch up on that?

  • w34z3l


    Sandraardnas - it's an average stat obviously since on dry textures I don't recommend having a raising range at all (unless exploitatively).

    And yeah, we should have more bluffs than value-hands when we raise the flop at least with 100bb stacks.
  • sandraardnas


    Yeah, but I mean if 20% should be an average stat for all flops and if on average flop like J84s we merely have 10% (if we are balanced) then we will never manage to achieve 20% x/r stat, so then we should either be bluff heavy (like 20 value and 80 bluffs) or x/r more TP (or both options).
  • w34z3l


    I understand what you are trying to say, but it's heavily approximated so nothing we can really use in practice.

    Even my own numbers are based on empirical analysis. Keep in mind that it also depends on our cold-calling range, so we shouldn't assume we must have identical raise-flop numbers if we cold-call different ranges.
  • Tanatos123


  • Vrachev39


  • Paltuz


  • Bossko22


    goood video :)
  • hannibl


    nem rossz dolog
  • kidzoltan


    very good video! :D
  • DAemonT


    very good video
  • alendelon911


  • BonIver


    Good video ! Your language and eloquence is pretty nice and understandable. Keep up the good work ! amk
  • RamzeS9630


    Этому видосу однозначно не хватает перевода
  • ko4erga86


    не посмотреть и не понять)))
  • Morfeus81


    boas eu sou o barbosa fred gostei imenso do video foi uma boa aprenderem e que devias continuar espero encontrar mais videos teus pois eles sao bons ate a uma proxima
  • JackPot11


    №33 - согласен...)
  • modeob


    Very nice!! Many leaks prelflop !! Defeding thight in some situation vs BTN.... and loose vs UTG some situations :( a lot of work to do!