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In the 5th part of his series, w34z3l discuss orphaned pots and winning money without showdown. He focuses on situations where we defend the blinds and the PFR checks back, along with in-position situations where our opponent checks twice..Dedicated Forum thread for this series: Red Line Rampage - the thread


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  • JohnyC1337


    Imho the best vid so far from this new series. GJ
  • zuki14


  • vaulsc


    Hi Weazel, just a basic question about this video. You've shown us several great autoprofit situations where a bet is definitely profitable as opposed to a call. In general, what sizing would you go for when checked to twice, or if OOP and the PFR checks the flop behind? I often bet 60%-80% of pot with my value/protection hands or in bluff spots where it will be slightly more difficult to get certain parts of villains range to fold. Other times, I bet between 30%-50% of pot because I either hold a monster or I am bluffing with the intention to lose less money from the times when opponent is taking a check/calling or intended check/raising line with no intention of folding. But in general, as a default, if I can't figure out what sizing to go for at the time, what is a good default sizing to take advantage of these autoprofit situations? Thanks in advance.
  • TheRoyalStar


    Really cool vid! :)
  • Tomski865


  • sars1887


    free money, that's the spirit, i guess!
  • ro4tik


    very vell
  • davidnguyenct


    As the principles indicate, it's your community and you are the ones that make it what it is, which is awesome in my (perhaps heavily biased) opinion
  • Renanms


    video top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Svinhugg


    This is great. I know where my leaks are but I haven't really managed to fix them. This was spot on.
  • ProRusSmile




    Que pusieran el video para todos los estatus seria mejor
  • archaeopteryx


    Waiting for translation in Russian! Just got 4th part...
  • MiStrZZZPupil


    Thank you
  • tozeroi1986


  • tekaslan1980


  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Seems should be nice video, but bad, that I can't see it full.
  • Heinejen


    hi weazl! great series! have a question please. when we defend bb vs btn eg and villain x back flop. and turn is an A . would you treat that spot different?
  • Deadlyfearx


    pretty good video for new players which only started playing
  • todorangaby


    great video
  • w34z3l


    #23 I would still fire turn but consider x/f river since turn calling range is likely Ax
  • Cradlea


    Awesome material! Really good job!
  • stretchi187


    sorry english and for Gold not for Me.
  • duder1n0


    Really like the whole series, but this one is by far the best I've seen in a long time! Doing these filtering on your own DB is nothing less than shocking, speaks more than a 1000 words... :) Thank you