Red Line Rampage - Myths and Realities

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Is red-line actually important? Causes of the Red Line? How to improve the Red Line? This are the main questions that are answered in the first video of Red Line Rampage series beside the discussions regarding red line Vs blue line. At the end w34z3l will show us how to configure HM2 for later usage in the video series. Dedicated Forum thread for this series: Red Line Rampage - the thread


HM2 red line Theory Video

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  • SillySaurus


    Great first video in the series. I find DB analysis really interesting and I am really excited that you are teaching us how to work with it ourselves.
    I found a lot of spots I need to work on. :)
  • TickTack24


    Hi w34z3l.
    Cool Video.
    I´m always with you thinking of microstakes and having the opinion that it´s also possible there to have the redline run break even or even go up with a positive winrate as well. But speaking for NL2 to NL5 i think that these are the most dangerous limits to adept these strategies. Some of them do work well since i tried out preparing my own microstakesseries. But one has always to be aware of overplaying / overadepting bluffstrategies or redlineimprovements. I think that alot of NL2 and NL5 players have alot of work to do with improving their basement skills and strategies and if they start focussing on redlineimprovement the risk of misadeption and big mindsetleaks are critically high.
    so bottom line for me here is: to change your game and try improving the redlinewinnings is the step with the highest risk of tilt. the best type of player who should try to adjust this so his / her NL2 or NL5 game is the one restarting on poker and who already played NL 50 or higher quite a short time ago.
    For newbies instead more than half of the advices are way to dangerous.
  • wazawanga


  • w34z3l


    Thanks for comments TickTack24. This is designed as an advanced walkthrough series and is not suitable for beginners.

    So I mention in the video that I recommend watching the original walkthrough series first to get a good understand of basic strategies. This is really meant as a followup series to those who are already achieving a positive winrate.
  • Laci24


    Thx for the vid! ;)
  • remoomo


    Has anyone the link to the corresponding thread?
  • SillySaurus


    I really wish we could edit these comments. :P This is better:
  • HkFui


  • viliii


    Thx a lot w34z3l! It's great stuff! Looking forward to the next episode. :)
  • ultravomit


    Nice video!
  • kidzoltan


    Really good video, I can't w ait for the next one!!
  • dan0s


    one for the bookmarks :) Well done and thank you! Hope to see more of this for sure.
  • PROstarik


    Nice video! I like it !
  • Prodigy237


    Perfect timing... I had started to work on my red line & have already addressed some of the issues discussed in the video e.g. not stealing enough; defending blinds more aggressively and folding too much to 3bets / 4bets. Will post results pre & post adjustments [small sample] in the thread & would appreciate your comments.
  • solarispoker


    Nice one w34z3l! Thnak you!
  • LeonMar


    Thank you for this new series! Great video
  • AmonRaDnb


    It can be applied to tournaments (MTT)?
  • kewlys


  • ConteCaly


    a very beautiful video... ty 4 the great job
  • Barbosafred


  • silvy187999


    sorry but in english is not my Favorit here !!!
  • Antonit


    The author, these concepts are relevant for full tables ? Or maybe I should go short-handed ?
  • vikash62004


    good video but i am not being able to understand the graph as i don't use any poker tools like HM2,ETC. but one thing i get it you have to be more educated in poker if i want to go further. right?
  • MJPerry


    Looking forward to getting through the rest of this series.
  • Frexas22



    This is what i am thinking too.
    Beginners most likely the first graph at 20:00 and should improve the basic.
    I myself are crushing at 23bb/100 at 5.9NL
    5.9 because it's a swedish site with soft competition.
    I am thinking about moving up to 10 and 25NL soon, have been at the micros enough now. I like the video very much and i was looking up my redline and it is exactly as the author says.

    On the other hand is the common advice to not bluff in the micros and i think this is right. So i really think that you need to move up and take this video with you or maybe apply it at the higher micros. I would not do this at the lowest as 2 and 5NL. Value value is the thing to go after in those limits.
  • axeloka


    I am starting now :) Late but really focused :)
  • modeob


    Nice video! Its talk about my graph, a lot to work to do!