Multi-tabling microstakes SNGs

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $5
  • Fullring
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This video by Collin Moshman will show you the perfect way how to crush single table SNGs on the lowest stakes. Our coach will be multi-tabling up to 8 tournaments at the same time, explaining all of his decisions. Enjoy!


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Comments (31)

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  • boumiii


  • parapanzas


    very good
  • unjustice007


    very good and very educational
  • dcattani


    I have learned some thing, thanks
  • numiga


    very nice!!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys, really glad everyone's enjoying it so far. Just wish I spoke more languages ... :D
  • maynardfan88


    how many buy ins would you recommend to play 7$, 45man Sng's turbo?
  • meandi289


    such a great video to follow up
  • Piotrek2345


    Very very nice. I like sng micros hehehe :@ o kurde
  • Arunciuz


  • daniroxx100


    super video gefällt mir! kann man echt was lernen. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gozilcho


    lol super
  • Machkist


  • IgnasKK


    In your book you say it is better to fold AK instead of going all in in the early stage, but now you say if "this guy goes all in and this guy calls, I will be willing to stack off", can you explain please?
  • wikput


    0:0:55s If he didnt raise this flop he hadnt Kx and by this stack and u had clear value bet from draws and Tx hands
  • brunoluis


  • Adisavix


    very good
  • CollinMoshman


    #17 Maynardfan88: I would recommend 300 BI, although it depends on your edge and other factors like whether you're willing to risk having to reload.

    #26 IgnasKK: Good question, it just depends on the exact situation. For example if an unknown openshoved hand #1 on the button, I would snap-call AK from the blinds. If a tight reg opened UTG and we 3bet him + called it off, that would be a real mistake.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks everyone else for the nice comments and feedback, I'll definitely be doing more live play videos soon.
  • bibidor


  • Sepurta


    Nice video. I like how you explain your play for begginers
  • davidnguyenct


    Yeah, this is really awesome. After i played for a year, just now i find a great investment in my poker playing manner
  • davidnguyenct


    Hi Dajboze and welcome to our forums. I hope you poker learning goes well and that you make loads of $$$$.


    Como siempre el video esta en ingles
  • chaparrito77


    Nice Video Collin
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    To play diferent types of poker at the same time is good idea? isn't better to play same types ant the same time?
  • mmotrea


    nice style game
  • ciepa93


    good video but those need more instructive. very helpful
  • s8829988299


    Wow! I love your video ,it is pretty awesome.
  • pokerman911985



    very nice video. I am a beginner and i did try to play with 2 tables 1$ SnG but i play very skittish because of this and lose some tables. what do you suggest? that i play at this moment only 1 table till i have more experience.
  • JiggyStar


    Hello Collin, a nice video like always. I have adopted your hud and I wanted to know what are the optimal Raise First in BB,SB and Fold to Steal from the Big Blind? I have a changing colour HUD in which I had set the stat numbers to turn green when it's exploitable and red when I should be more aware of, so I want to change those stats accordingly but I dont know when it's too big or too low :) Thank you.