Pleno1 reviews the Bigger $162

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Pleno1 is not only a cashgame expert but also very proficient in tournaments. In this review of the Bigger $162 he will explain how to make profitable plays to compete with the toughest fields in online tournaments.


Pleno1 PT4 review

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  • TheRebuz


    Ajhh hand 57min whats ur plan if he call turn and river is blank or board pairs??
    And whats ur plan if river is like A/j or 7
  • kazanatip


  • TheRebuz


    *What if he ch/c and river is A/j/7/9 or 4
  • Swish29


    52:19 You said you'd like to fold bu vs {JJ, 88, ATs, KJs+, QJs, T9s, ATo, KJo+, QJo} you have 19.5% pot odds and your replayer says you have 19% pot odds. This is a pessimistic (it includes QJo that could fold pf, JJ that could 4bet pf, KJ, JJ, 88 that could raise flop) value range, yet you're priced in cEV. I know the value of chips isn't linear etc., but he could turn hands into a bluff and not have every hand that beats you played that way. Or maybe there is something I'm missing? Thank you for the great video!
  • kimela83


    we all expert but no everybody luck
  • andersonearn


    very good.. :D
  • lui69


    Damn a pity not to have that Platinstatus
  • daniroxx100


    super news, sehr informativ, weiter so!! klasse pokerstrategy

    grü´ße daniroxx1100
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    very nice vidos zachetni sovetuiu vsem smotret ne pojaleete !!
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    Very nice:)
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    Muito Bom o Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thx 4 the video
  • pleno1


    hey, playing today, will reply next 24 hours.
  • ianst


    pleno i sent you a friend request.


    good nice
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  • Swish29


    Something I forgot to ask; at the beginning you talk about tournaments vs CGs, you say that CGs bleed money for the sites, why is that? Can you develop a bit this point?
  • pleno1


    @27 I meant that fish lose way quicker/have lower chance to win. Every day fish win tournaments, this keeps them grindkng and raking for sometimes years. In cash games it doesn't take long for them to go broke. If a fish wins 100k and plays cash games stars will make way less take than if they play tournaments. In the cash game the pros will get the money and withdraw but in mtts they will take a lot of it back.
  • pleno1


    @7, I'd bluff 7/9, value bet a/j and give up every other card. Assuming I don't get enough folds on those blanks, have to remember that my image is very bad at this point too
  • pleno1


    Swish that hand shows for me as 52/19 AA, did you get time stamp right or is it buggy on my phone?
  • Swish29


    @28: Ok ty :)

    @30: Yeah it's the hand I meant, in my other post I wrote 'bu' whereas I meant 'but' maybe that's where the confusion comes from. I rewatched the flop play and you said he can't have JJ/88 either (and I agree with that, you where so aggro and he has
  • Swish29


    [huh sorry the rest of my post didn't go through, no idea why] he has to think that any pair is the nuts), so it makes a call turn even more profitable, you have a GS and many outs to counterfit his 2P hands, vs KQ/KJ you have over 27%, and PT4 says you have 19% pot odds. He would need to r/c all T9s and all ATo/ATs (and play them allthis way i.e. flat a combo draw on the flop) so that you could think about folding. Though if he r/c T9s/ATo we could assume he r/c QJo as well and then you have the right pot odds again.


    very good


    good one
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    What a pity it's only for platinum members, i would be glad to watching it till the end. But i guess i would never make it to get platinum here..
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    ty for video11!
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    Wow. Great, great, great! Best play, best game.
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    полезное видео...спасибо
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    nice video