Red Line Rampage - Defending the Fort

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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In this part of his series about boosting the red line, w34z3l talks about benefits of being exploitable, how to defend in such scenarios and how to increase efficiency by taking uncommon lines. Here you can find a dedicated forum thread for the whole series: Red Line Rampage - the thread.


exploit exploitable gameplan hands HM2 posflop preflop Ranges red line strategy uncommon lines

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  • ribpoker


  • ribpoker


    Love the vid!!!
    Reminds me of Raskolnikovs "balancing bullshit" :))
    The concept of exploiting and being exploitable and non balancing but adjusting and readjusting is in my opinion the way poker should be played.
    From an academic point of view GTO might be sexy and of course it is a good way to find a "bulletproof" strategy. But as long as you play against humans and not bots I would always stick to the exploitation/adaption concept.
    What I like to know in more detail is the timing: how can you tell, Villain is adepting to your game, i.e. he did something you are shure he would not have done befor playing against you. Or he shows clear signs that he's playing different against Hero than against other players.
  • MacAttack


  • GloryHall


    good vid,ty
  • faberyajo


    good vid
  • Kruppe


    wow, strong fold with KQ at ~20:00
  • 24MARIA


    Thank you for the vid! :)