Collin mixing it

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See Collin review 180mans SNG and then playing live single table tournaments on various stakes.


180's 9max HH Review ICM live play PT4 sng

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  • babypoker55


    I really like the 180mans SNG's i really see them as real good cashouts if you have a good streak. Thank you very much and have goodluck at the tables.
  • januslux88


    I like them too, but the variance is sometimes killing me. For beginners with ambitions --- dangerous. With bad mindset --- even more. Take care and good luck!
  • 0C01NFL1P


    Hi Collin,
    You mentioned that the Regs are never calling as wide like the Nash Calling Ranges BB vs. SB recommend it. Do you think, that they make a mistake by not calling this wide against Regs shoving fom the SB?
  • pearlamb


    collin" mcrae" sit and go driving and mixing it with style
  • berrincha


  • Gerael


  • KosttuxxRNMD


    nice video
  • DendiSergey


    nice one
  • sph999999


    nice video
  • zuki14


    fine explanation
  • Sepurta


    Your videos are very good in my opinion. Cant wait for next one~!
  • napoleonCZC


    zdar mozna kdybych rozumel tak by to bylo lepsi ale K+A v barvě to se dá vyhrat ale moze te porazit aji z 2+2
  • ro4tik


    very vell
  • davidnguyenct


    What I respect is the way the forum priciples, based upon community, are still applied even though the community has become huge
  • Renanms


    video top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • projunior37


    Nice video Collin,like always. I have an unusual question,what is the name of the show about which you are asking on 51min. ,I am Russian,my english is not so good and at the hearing could not make out the answer
  • pheaa


    Collin epic guy
  • daniroxx100


    super news. toll pokerstrategy!! immer wieder ein vergnügen! super super doppelsuper!
  • SirPaulius


    Super !
  • Peter0707


    Hi Collin! Another great video- thanks! Can you do a video from 9-man regular micro and low sng"s?