Zoom NL200 in Macau Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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While in Macau mbml decides to record one of his NL200 Zoom session on PokerStars. Watch how he crushes the stakes and shares his thinking process that stands behind each decision.


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  • gollox20


    nice video
  • VickuG91


  • KingKas


    Nice video, as always :)
  • alendelon911


    nice video
  • ruslandzu


    nice one video :)
  • hanzbumer2


  • Markvic344


  • DavidDorky


    Nice video, thanks!
    P.S.: What is that stuff on your headphones? :)
  • sandraardnas


    33:00 66. Do you really wanna call here with gto frequencies? I mean if he bluffs too little too call with 5x of hearts then he probably bluffs too little to call with 9x of hearts? Or with nine do you expect to see some worse hearts?

    35:00 KQo, could you write his range of 3bet in this spot that you would expect him having? Im asking cause I folded in this spot almost always against more or less unk fishies, cause I expected them to had value much more often than Q7o or something.
    Why dont you vbet river with QT? I'd say he most likely has something like 6x or weak Tx and Jx doesnt hit him much except for some two pairs.
    Also J7/J9 seem to me like river vbet.

  • mors82


    pro nice
  • sergiust


    very good
  • mlatasrb


    6:00 1st table, J8 loose float. What do you do vs 2nd barrel on random turn card? You will have a lot of weak hands on turn, that cant float +EV, so you will overfold turn (unless you float again loose). I think such float is -EV. Also I think it is totally fine to overfold such board which hugely favors his range.
  • mlatasrb


    6:53 78o, why cbet turn? do you think you have 3 streets value? I think the EV of cc would be much higher, because on such board villian will likely bet wide (some hands for protection, some value, some bluff). I think the value is very thin on turn.
  • FinalTableTillus


    nice contentschmontent just discovered when i am not platinum anymore :*(
  • rorunikenshin


    He could have removed the camera view of him!
  • rorunikenshin


    There is no need for us to see him. we need to see the forth table
  • rorunikenshin


    I am sorry for being so ignarant but I don't know the name of this guy
  • PUshkan


  • Dawidkuczera1991


    This is very good video
  • caj20


  • mbml


    #19: My headphones is flaking, which is why I used some plastic to wrap my headphones.


    66 - I have no idea, which is why I'm attempting to estimate GTO frequencies

    KQ - Folding pre is fine, KQo is probably too loose of a 3bet. If my value 4b range is KK+, I need another 0.9% bluff range, and AJo is enough for balancing purposes. He probably has a 4% range there.

    QT - Hmm this really depends on how imbalanced his check-calling range is. Vs a player like myself who is check-calling QQ+ and some AT KT combos some of the time, it's not possible to value bet so thinly. Vs someone with a much higher Cbet frequency, you probably can afford to value bet a lot thinner.
  • mbml


    J8o - Yeah this is a bad float, calling J8 means that I'm defending 66%+ of my range. I should probably just be continuing with 60% vs a halfpot bet on this board.

    78o: It's close, surely I cannot just bet boats and flushes for value and AcX-QcX as bluffs?
  • mlatasrb


    "78o: It's close, surely I cannot just bet boats and flushes for value and AcX-QcX as bluffs?"
    I would call some of the hands as AcKo, AcQo, and raise some. You can imo definetely bluff catch AcKo, AcQo BvB, villian should have enough weaker hands. So if you cc and cr some of AcX - QcX, you can only value bet flushes and boats (only 3 street value hands). Surely you can also bet turn hands that will cf river, but imo in that case you dont defend enough your turn check range. So I would cbet 78o, only if I would know that villian is passive vs check on turn or is calling wide.
  • DendiSergey


    plz do for gold)
  • bananajoe011


    Nice vid
  • danyclub80


    good video
  • alendelon911


    nice video
  • Swish29


    Nice video :) The last analysis with the KJ hand, you didn't mention Q9/22/88, why is that?
  • unshpe


    When u calculate the call % on the last hand KJo, isn't Villain raising (risking) 99 to win 46+30 , so his auto-profit freq is 99/99+46+30 = 56.5% folds from you, which means u need to call here 43.5% ? Or I'm misunderstanding this math ? Ty
  • Romage


  • wHizard82


    Would be nice to hear more (detailed) thoughts and explanations whenever you use popus/stats for your decisions in the future.