Zoom NL200 in Macau Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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This is the second part of the session on NL200 Zoom, recorded while mbml was in Macau. You can watch him crush these stakes and learn a lot by listening to his thinking process. You can find the first part of the review here.


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  • bandejapaisa


    paquiao is a profetional poker pro too¡¡:):).
  • Infiesta


    #1 lol

    Cool video, keep on making more!


  • itaba


    Nice video i like ur approach of the game bro
  • moldovan123


  • Tredix


    Really good video this will be useful on higher limits. Тhanks for it.
  • TaNuNe


    Really good video this will be useful on higher limits. Тhanks for it. +1
  • sars1887


    nice video is nice, thank you for the video
  • GingerKid


    37:00 ATo 4way table 2. Why not bet flop? Imo the hand needs 4way a lot of protection, also it is good to keep initiative. I would bet 33% pot, and likely turn it into bluff on next streets since it is good blocker. Imo even as played, you can float (good pot odds) with plan to play it agro if they show weakness (they have mostly weaker top pairs and draws on that board, which will fold 4way vs agression)
  • Naoumis1987


  • Orochimaro


    Wow, nice vídeo!
  • yabiraa


    nice nice
  • laurentiu513


    why do you close the tables? and then you open another one?
  • kikale


    He is swapping tables just cause of timebank