Facing flop aggression

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How to respond when you are facing a bet or a raise on the flop is the main topic of oblioos new coaching session


Equilab Equity flop Game Plan hand evaluation podcast Ranges

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  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Agresive play always is good idea I think.
  • MaxVarchuk


  • buschips


    Really nice Coaching Sessions from oblioo. Thanks man.
  • AK2404AK


    thats my game :D (but not so successfully :()
  • Deadlyfearx


    pretty good video for new players which only started playing
  • 27os


    very good coachng sessions, thanks a lot.

    But ... 36:37 u said "flop is dry ...".

    imo this is a wet flop (9c 2c 2s), because there are lots of outs (flush, overcards), although its a paired board. u have a different definition for classifying boards into "wet/dry"?

    what u think of classifying flops into "dynamic/static" (or maybe another categorizing) for a little more better structurized thoughtprocess?
  • dimityr19622


  • xanana10


    It's all about equity, make and win profitable pots!
  • masha20152014


  • alendelon911


  • DendiSergey


    perfect )
  • oblioo


    re #10: I tend not to check comments for these live coaching session podcasts, because I answer all questions during the actual session, but yours was pointed out to me so I will respond:

    There is a difference between dry/wet and static/dynamic. 992tw, for example, is a dry AND dynamic board. My definition of "dry" is that there are not a lot of hands that connect with it, and on 992 there are zero gutshots possible, and very few pair combos in most ranges. Yes it would be even drier if it were rainbow, but I still consider 992tw pretty darn dry. Of course it is also dynamic because hand strengths will change on later streets, where as A92r is dry and also static. make sense?
  • lenonmadeve