Detailed Analysis of NL200 Zoom Session

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Here's a new video from our Polish coach yac at NL $200 Zoom SH. This time he's analysing his session and discussing in details some spots, even touching upon the subject of levelling and meta-game. *Video dubbed by our member iNspiRe, Enjoy!


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  • Oger88


    no comments for tickets pls
  • Whitexexe


    apparently heavy session was -_-
  • GingerKid


    not really diamond content.
  • GingerKid


    I found interesting hand Jxs (I think it was J9s) where you 3 barrel as bluff and say, that it is +EV because it blocks villian's river defend range, meaning that it will be +EV river bet. This is true, if we assume that villian doesnt overdefend flop or turn. If villian defends unexploitable on Flop or Turn, he will defend 1-a % of range assuming perfectly polarized ranges, but since ranges are not perfectly polarized and your bluffs have some equity, he will defend more than 1-a. That means that if villian makes your e.g. GS indifferent between betting and checking, then your EV of betting total air hand will have -EV on flop and turn, and it can be that its total EV is -EV even though you block villians river defend range. Well, you block also villian'S defend range on flop and turn, but on block and turn you also block so many hands from fold range, which is why I wouldnt count it as blocker, but simply very low equity hand. So in theory, I think bluffing 3 streets with low equity hand having good blocker vs villians river defend range could be ok, depending which hands villian makes indifferent in your range. In real poker, not many players make your bluffs indifferent, but defend playable hands, and in that case it depends on villians actual range and stats. I assume that on flop you have decent +EV bluff spot vs most of villians since he has enough of low equity hands that will fold, and on turn I dont think that you have enough FE to make it +EV bluff on turn. You put villian on ATs and AJ, but I think many villians will defend more Ax vs CO open raise (more suited aces, likely all). So with your range assumption, likely you have +EV bluff on turn, but with mine you dont.
  • kmksick


    I dont like that bluff either, anyways good content
  • davidraise


    i learn a lot
  • matoSVK


    yac are u a bot?:-)