Range Cam - All hands revealed!

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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w34z3l reviews a typical situation BU vs BB. Unlike in most other videos the hand was only played on the virtual table: between him & Somnius. They both played their ranges, making the analysis more valuable for those who don't want to focus on single hands but really review their whole gameplan.


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Comments (17)

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  • maditheman


    Deep shit
  • Svinhugg


    Interesting concept.
  • alendelon911


    good video
  • gormless


    love this idea
  • Shakaflaka


    Good video, nice new concept!

    I don't dislike Somnius flop strategy. He has a range disadvantage and is oop. So overfolding the flop seems the best option to me. I would have a raising range though. It would be nice to hear his thoughts about the hand as well.

    And I also liked your overbet on the turn.
  • vikpen


    good video
  • rorunikenshin


    It is interesting but for me is confusing!
  • LuciBlink


    nice..his 3bet range is too big..against a player like you ..i think he is at a disadvantage!
  • bolot30


    Isn't it problematic to some of the switchplayers that they are showing their strategy/ranges/lines etc they take in certain spots? Aren't they giving lots of info away to their opponents or is it acceptable to them? Thanks for answering again
  • IvicaIliev77


    Loved it. More of Range Cam videos in future please!
  • guenni187


    sorry but in english and for GOLD is not my Favorit.
  • Somnius


    w34z3l - Thanks for the video, great analysis, indeed you might be the better player these days...maybe :)

    Some comments:

    - We were not told the frequencies we would be facing and instead were asked to select our baseline strategies.

    Preflop - knowing this hand would be against you but not knowing your ranges, I simply assumed you would playing pretty aggressively vs 3bets and not folding any more than you should - so I employed a linear 3betting strategy. Something which I think is quite reasonable and is certainly quite standard to do.

    Flop - yup, no x/r range here - would be curious to see more about why you think it is optimal to have a raising range.

    Conclusion - your points about considering who had the greater EV in the hand are correct. Especially when we consider reciprocality as you alluded to - and compared all possible situations and then the reverse to get a proper determination of who 'won'. Something close to impossible if not very computationally tedious - thankfully - otherwise we would not be able to make money.

    Ultimately, you say it well and I agree with you, of course we cannot get a determination of who won, I think we both played the hand well, when they told me you are over-betting the turn I stuck my first in the air in your direction :D.

    But that was great to watch - I think even better would be you and I collaborating on a video some time to blend our ideas and discussion.
  • DendiSergey


  • Kruppe


    your RFI range OTB is by no means standard imo. baffling to me that you'd want to open-fold J8o, for example. or have i missed something and BU RFI has tightened up a lot in recent years?
  • Tedinka91


  • fabian444


    nice video
  • Kooort


    Nice video and great concept, please more from it! :)
    2 things which I would change:
    - using pokerranger instead of Equilab - the color for the diffrent groups of ranges is so neatly arranged and clear which makes it much easier to see the ranges and think into them
    - from the flop on, just use Frequencys and never range% from the preflop100%-Range - there is just no use for it if u know that on the turn u have a 12% callingrange and 3% raisingrange... just using the frequencys makes more sense imo