Bluffcatching Rivers - 2015 version!

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To bluffcatch or not to bluffcatch - this is the question! Oblioo explains you with the help of various examples how Pot odds, Villains and Heroes range and perceived range and of course our hand influence the decision that turns a hand into a bluffcatcher. Please also check out last years version


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  • sandraardnas


    first hand, this J on the river isnt very good cause now he is betting with it and he can have quite a lot o them, like 60 kombo. And for straight draws if you dont put him on ofsuit kombos he can have barely 16 of them. Against that range we have barely 19% equity with our blocker to his bluffs. DOnt you think its a bit of overplay to call that on jack?

    second hand, you open QTo for 3bb MP, isnt it better to open for 2.5 or something like that when you widen your opening range for fish?

    third hand, do you think its still a call against unk fish, or fish with more standard betting river frequencies like 3/9?

    fifth hand, 44 on this turn has 50% eqity against random hand and he certainly doesnt have any hand on turn, so why do you call it valuebet?

  • oblioo


    hi sandra,

    1st hand: I have no idea where you're getting 60 Jx combos, I'd guess he has more like 30 to 40, depending on what he 3bets pre, and assuming he does not have boats because either a) he raises them on an earlier street or b) he bets bigger on the river. Also in video I mentioned the exploitative read I used.

    2nd hand: I'd rather build a slightly bigger pot IP vs fish, but I don't think it matters too much and there are some tables where I minraise.

    3rd hand: vs a fish with 3/9 bet river freq it seems really close in this spot, I'd fold vs 2/9 and call vs 4/9.

    5th hand: You seem to be calculating our equity vs an arbitrary range which is not super relevant... for example you seem to be including hands such as T2, 62, 63, etc, and none of those hands are in his preflop range. Villain does however have a lot of KQ/KJ/QJ/98/97/87 hands which we have well over 50% equity against, plus this bet functions as a blocking bet because a lot of players will bet large with those hands when checked to (and we can't call), but they will just call if we bet small. Like I said I am not claiming I took the best possible line in this hand (prob we should x/f flop), but I do think turn is fine at worst.

    thanks for watching :)
  • sandraardnas


    Where did I get 60 kombo of Jx in first hand? Well its simple: he is a fish, he has 70% vpip, so I gave him this range of Jx: AJs,KJs,QJs,J2s+,AJo,KJo,QJo,J6o+. Maybe he 3 bets AJ, but I guess he is as much likely to call J2o. He is in big blind so I think he will call a bit wider cause he alredy payed 1bb.

    About fours, I know we cant give them just a random hand, but I came from a conclusion that even if random range beats us, then his continuing range beats us even more: A9s-A2s,KTs+,K6s,QTs+,Q6s,JTs,J6s,T4s+,96s+,86s+,76s,Kh9h,Qh9h,Jh9h,Kh8h,Qh8h,Jh8h,Kh7h,Qh7h,Jh7h,Kh5h,Qh5h,Jh5h,9h5h,8h5h,7h5h,6h5h,Kh4h,Qh4h,Jh4h,6h4h,5h4h,Kh3h,Qh3h,Jh3h,Kh2h,Qh2h,Jh2h,A9o-A2o,KTo+,K6o,QTo+,Q6o,JTo,T7o+,86o,76o.
    Against this range we have 23% equity.
    Also I do think fish can have hand like 63 preflop, why wouldnt he? They play quite randomly, maybe he wont have that always, but at least once in a while.
  • oblioo


    T8s hand: the 67% VPIP is for 3-handed play, which seems fairly standard, so I would not give him J2 etc.

    And in the 44 hand, you missed some combos in villain's range, such as all the 98, 97, 87 combos, and all of the diamond diamond floats. You also include hands that should be somewhat discounted, such as every single A2-AT combo, K6o, etc. And no we should not assume that an unknown has 63o in his MP limp/calling range. Of course it's POSSIBLE, but we still have to make some assumptions. I guess it just comes down to us making significantly different assumptions about an unknown's preflop range, and I have no problem if you want to play turn with a check.
  • leo7689


    I think the problem in the first hand is that Villain eventually bets T9 too, the J is obv in his range and some suited hands make backdoor flush which beats you.
  • oblioo


    I think flushes and possibly Jx bet larger to try to get me to hero with Qx or better. Often players who bet way too often OTR like to use half pot sizing with bluffs.
  • puryfrechy


  • notwhy


    nice and very
  • vijoiu27


  • RayMcCoy


  • elo3200


    many questionable plays imo