How to Crush Multitable Sit & Goes

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $3
  • Fullring
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In this video Collin Moshman will show you the perfect way on how to crush MTTSNGs at the lowest stakes. He will be multi-tabling and explaining all of his decisions at the same time. Enjoy!


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Comments (21)

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  • MarinaOrel


    There is ante frm 1st level now in all mtsng (frm Apri-May i think), Why still no ante in this video? Really wanna see adjusting frm this changes, but no old structure video
  • Exnp100


    there is no sound ?!
  • energyvivas


  • tibiua80


    this is a good game
  • Teq1


    In Minute 38 (!table down Right , 77) with wich Hand would you call there ? Cause that Looks like a Spot where you just risking 2/5 of your Stack to gain nearly 50 %! And eliminAte two Players close to the bubble. And if you Loose , you still have a playable stack.
    Anyway These 3 way Spots Are quite interesting . I often feel that i Miss Spots When it Comes down near to the bubble
  • tezela


  • lawali86


    good game,..this not abaout lucky,.but they strategy to win
  • Schliessa


    Ein Traum... ein wahrer Traum ... ich schnall ab .. direkt nass gemacht
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 MarinaOrel: I definitely understand this criticism. I had some videos from before the ante switch that Pokerstrategy hadn't had a chance to release yet, but rest assured that all of the vids I'm making now are current games with antes.

    #2 Exnp100: Sound is working good for me, maybe try in a different browser?

    #4 Tibiua80: Thanks.

    #5 Teq1: Good question. It's rare that I would call wider than TT/AK in this spot, given 18man payouts and tight stats of initial shover. I haven't put the hand into software, but even AK is probably a Nash fold.

    #7 Lawali86: Thanks, that's the idea!
  • csi1anonim


    Bun tutorialul,pacat ca nu pot sa il vad complet pt ca am doar bronz si am nevoie de argint,dar am sa revin la acest video cand ajung la nivelul argint
  • MarinaOrel


    Ty, Collin! Anyway, thanks for all u do on this site, All ur videos are very good, i learn a lot frm them, really!
  • HandOnFire


    I would love to see same video on higher stakes . Btw good job ;)
  • CollinMoshman


    Np Marina, glad to hear that!

    Handonfire, thanks for the feedback :)
  • yabiraa


  • ILoveSH


    37:51 4-th table. why you fold A8o?
  • Sypsenele


  • Tessies


    And again a really nice video! Thank you
  • sirial


    nice video! :D
  • andromeda701


    Hi Collin, in minutes 9:42 down left table 2.50$ 180 man, you are in HJ with Q8s 10BB M5. In this spot push is wrong? thanks.
  • MisterHorace


    Nice video, now i see 180 sng with antes videos... go go for crushing the 180 sng 0.5$ lol
  • mavman39


    great video Colin ,as a newbie where can i find some videos on icm,nash ranges etc as i heard you mention this a few times