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Sit&Go legend, albarone68, who recently has become a Supernova Elite on PokerStars playing 9-man SnGs joined Collin's coaching as a guest. The two discussed current state of SNGs and the new trend of open-liming in middle and late stages of the game. You can also watch them play different single table tournaments of carious buy-ins.


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Comments (19)

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  • RakTaras


  • pitermenna1703


  • ixdon


    Do you play without stats and without even a 4-colored cards? 0_o
  • SirPaulius


    without HUD Im feeling BLIND :o
  • Tim64


    Wow, sounds like a seriously bright guy. Props for getting him on the show, Collin :)
  • CollinMoshman


    I agree ixdon and Sirpaulius, very surprising ... but while I definitely use and rely on my HUD, he made some very interesting points about it.

    Thanks Tim64 ... was really cool that he agreed to come on :)
  • Tredix


    Nice play dude. Very good and useful stuff! Looking forward for the next coaching!
  • alendelon911


  • ghaleon


    47:45 J5: I would say villain having Q is possible there. Depends on how thin value he is aiming in general, but with some reads he can expect like flopped mid or low pair or weaker Qx if he is checking stuff like Q9, QT pre to call. You can have some Kx, but much higher amount of other stuff.
  • ghaleon


    1:08:00 A8s: You are mostly behind of reg range there, but I think fishy villain calling behind is better situation for your hand. Mostly because you then get better pot odds for your draw. But it would still not be quite good enough even if he always called. Plus he might block some of your outs.
  • ghaleon


    Talk of that A8s hand about reg range. Why would he ever play weaker Ax that way? Would be pretty absurd choice of hand to value play that way or turn into bluff. Plus there is recreational player in pot also who is likely really hard to push away from Ax. He can have some draw combos that would make sense. He can get looser with bluffing/semibluffing versus two regs in general.
  • ghaleon


    Well interesting visitor and really interesting conversation. Unfortunately video playback/quality seems to have some serious problems for me at least. Video freezing, lot of cuts in audio from albarone and so on.
  • arcthelegend


  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys. Ghaleon, I agree that some QX is in Villain's range in the first spot. For the A8s, Abarone definitely made the right fold, we should expect Starfromhell's range to be pretty strong here and for him to show up with 66/AJ a lot, plus occasional combo draw like KcQc. And sorry about any audio issues.
  • fcporto0000


  • Beatlemanic


    Who need HUD if you have swag? gg, great coaching
  • costi80


    Nice Looking forward for the next coaching!
  • GospodinZ


    go go next video :)
  • Zuzmila


    Its verry interesting video, thanx for it :)) bro