Big Blind Play - Flatting Out Of Position

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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In his first webinar about big blind play, oblioo focuses on how our preflop defending ranges should look like, and how to proceed postflop.


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Comments (7)

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  • patuxz


    Excellent analysis on my KJ hand.
    Appreciate it!
  • madalinul010


    nice video!
  • radeveRNMD


    Excellent analysis.nice video!
  • gavionne31


  • Saimad381


    That was really helpful for me. :)
  • sandraardnas


    Hey, abot bb vs ep play, bb needs 33% eqity to call. I understand that ATo or KQo may be a calls, but hand like A2s is dominated completely and doesnt even have 40% equity, same thing with 67s etc.
    How are you going to realize this equity against any decent player or an unk when you are oop with poor hand against very strong range?
    You say we need about 30% and then taht 75s has 34% so its +ev, but when you see flop you only realize I dont know, maybe 50% equity? So you need to fight for a lot of pots oop with hand that plays quite bad against stronger ranges.

    And really K3s you think is worse than 53s? Sure K3 is dominated (just like A2s)bt it can beat poket pairs, unlike 53s.
    It wont catch good straights, but instead it will have more nutted flushes.

    I think this poker snowie shows ranges for super good regulars and applied by nl100 regs will create a lot too much of havoc and fishy plays in their games to be worth it, but I guess time will show.
  • MarceloBokkka


    to esperando o dia que isso irá acontcer...