Adjusting to antes in 180s

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The new structure in 180 mans has kicked in a while ago. In this video, Collin will show you what changes you should make in your overall strategy in order to increase the edge over your opponents.


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  • chillipops


    Great review tyty
  • mikx89


    Познавательно. Еще бы на русском фулл видео
  • Top966


    Давненько не играл.Захотелось снова :)
  • MarinaOrel


    Nice video, Collin!
    08:41 We on sb with 73o. What a minimum stack size (with antes) we can still raise/fold with vs tight opponent? Without an antes i think its about 8bb ( i see it in hyper turbo hu sng series by ZZZtilt)
    12:32 98s on bb. Its very interesting what kind of hands we can call with short stack. All i can see so far for this question -is article of "theginger45". He recommend defend with less than 10bbs (when we almost dont have any fold equity) with hands with 1 big card (Kx,Qx,Jx).With this hand we can hit good pair on a flop. What u think about that?
    20:26 We can call vs shove (not reshove) when we invest down to 1/4 of effective stack vs biggest stack behind us?
  • Mintplay


    Thx for the vid!

    2. What ROI do have the best players in that format? I read that 20 to 30 % is a ok player, 30 to 50% is a good reg. And over 80% a total crusher? Is that kind of right?

    3. How many 180s regs do you think, live from that or have a solid income? Or how many 180sng pro / amateur good winning regs do you think exist?

    4. With the introduction of Antes, do you think we should cut some tables down by multitabling because we have to play more hands in the early phase and we should focus in targeting more the bad players and outplay or beat them in solid postflop game, there for we need some secs more time.

    5. You are still one of the absolutely hero's in making clear explainations in your vids! Looking forward for more 180 player sng content !! ;)
  • defolt718


    еще-бы на русском...
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Chillipops: Thanks!

    #4 MarinaOrel: It depends on just how tight-passive our opponent is, roughly speaking I'd r/f down to 7 or 8bb without an ante, and down to about 9bb with an ante. (Normally I'm shove/folding at these effective stack of course -- only against very passive players.)

    With 98s hand, I definitely wouldn't agree with defending weak high-card hands like J4o. Too often we miss or find ourselves dominated when we connect. I'm normally 3bet shoving or folding, but there is merit to flatting some hands not strong to 3bet shove particularly against opponents who play very poorly postflop.

    TT hand: There isn't an exact rule, but roughly yes -- if it's under 25% of my stack I'd tend to flat, over 33% and I'd shove, and in between it just depends.

    Hope that helps, and glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • CollinMoshman



    1/5. Thanks, appreciate that!

    2. It's tough to say because of how Sharkscope handles the rebuys, but I believe your numbers are a bit high in today's games.

    3. That's a very tough question to answer unfortunately, I will say that it's more difficult now to make a good living from 180s, but I think there are plenty making enough to live on who grind out a good volume.

    4. I think this approach will increase ROI, but from an hourly rate perspective, I wouldn't cut table count too significantly. Yes though, with it being correct to be looser in the early game, slightly decreasing table count is a good idea.
  • MarinaOrel


    Thanks for answers
  • MarinaOrel


    And last question: do u use limp/reraise (or limp/shove) frm sb? If yes, what king of hands is good for this move? I think its hands like A2-A5, Maybe some other hands?I search this theme on forum, but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.
  • MarinaOrel


    Sorry for too many questions frm me, but last one)
    If u will gring for life,with minimum variance, what king of sng games u choose?
    (180 turbos/mtts/9 man turbos/9 man non turbos)?
    The main factor - little variance and regulat profit.
  • Mintplay


    thx for your feedback Collin! Would be great that you bring more 180s stuff. Still one of my absolutely favorit formats and i think one of yours sometimes aswell..
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 MarinaOrel: Yes sometimes against regs, when effective stack is good for it. For low variance while profiting, I'd pick lowstakes nonturbos. Happy to elaborate more on my answers if you can make it to a Wednesday coaching, ask again then and I'll go into a lot more detail :)

    #12 Mintplay: No problem! For sure, great format.
  • MarinaOrel


    Thank you!
  • xroberto23


    Great review
  • narhan1234


    but this is so fun table so.
  • uramihal


    Спасибо за видео было приятно посмотреть!!!
  • bernard77


    hvala ,,,,,,,,
  • jmm88


    Thanks Collin, i been waiting for a video with antes, since pokerstars made the change.