PLO $200 Live Video

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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FullTilt Live Video

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  • aciddrop


    Nice work. Thanks for the insights. I guess you relearned here that you can't outthink fish, they don't think.
  • maxlukas83


    nice vid!
  • K9M2


    I found too many problems playing PLO20,
    villain are sick like those fishes, it´s so hard...
    Nice vid.
  • TribunCaesar


    very nice vid! btw: you are a nit :D
  • PidKoker


    @ #1... +1

    Good video, great addition to the Articles and help moving from FR to SH
  • darkonebg


    Very nice video, helped my game a lot. Made me a lot more optimistic about moving up to midstakes :)
    Thank you!
  • AndreMG


    I enjoyed it very much, it helped a lot my game and I really hope more omaha videos to be made. There should be much more, os just translate some of german videos I saw exists but I cant understand nothing lo.
    But thanks Nazgul very nice vid.
  • pieter80


    great vid. Not a ommaha player yet, but after this vid, it won't take long :)
  • alejandrosh


    hmmm suddenly I'm not scared of moving up to midstakes anymore :D
  • sonicforce


    nice vid liked it
  • rotweisser18


  • Nlzkm9


    Hi Nazgul!
    I like your game.
    Please make more PLO videos! ;)
  • daneil86


    concerning the hand in minute 32. Your opponent played it perfectly right imho. He is even ahead on the flop 52:48 and also against your range he's maybe a small underdog but given the odds after his bet and your shove he has to call.