Crushing NL500 Zoom (2)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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After he put a lot of work to improve his preflop game, mbml is back with a new live play video series at Zoom NL500. Watch him play to see what adjustments he did to the opening ranges and listen to his thinking process that justify his decisions.


3bet 4 bet 6max Contibet HM2 live play mbml NL500 postflop preflop sixtabling Zoom

Comments (12)

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  • dmkruts


    В целом сессия несет в себе не мало полезного, есть чему поучиться тем кто катает этот лимит
  • coldchurch


    English, please.
  • amokteddy85


    Das ist aber eine verdammt hohes limit :)
    Zahlt man da nicht zuviel rake?
  • Hipoaspis


    Thank you
  • coldchurch


    Why is it allowed to speak Russian and German in the comments? Moderators, you there?
  • brunocrosfort


  • gaucan


    y fak of germantards end russtards
  • atenna


    What hud do you use? Where i can buy it?
  • erykbao


    What hud do you use? Where i can buy it?
  • erykbao


    What hud do you use? Where i can buy it?
  • ecchayul1979


    Thank you
  • LorD231984


    AKvs99 (first stack off):
    You said it is a snap call for 99, I highly disagree.
    You also said that board is smashes his range, wich I completely agree. I think if there are assymetric ranges you can cbet/bet/blöff with less frequency it means the oppenent should fold much more than the potodds indicate.
    (Thats about GTO and mixed strategies)

    In exploitive point of view: what bluffs can you have at river? Cos you can have like 16 kombo AKs, and some K9s maybe, but what bloff?: O