How-To Equity realisation

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Implied odds and reverse implied odds are now called equity realisation. Why this and how you estimate the equity that you can realise will be explained by alderfalder in this video.


Blind Defense Equity EV odds realisation Theory Video

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  • KTU


    This guy knows what he is talking about :)
  • paradual


    Good to see
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    As soon as I get Gold status, this will be the first video I will watch looks solid.
  • ivele


    As soon as I get Gold status, this will be the first video I will watch looks solid.
  • alderfalder


    I think u all should get some context for this vid:
    -got produced for German community summer 2013
    -I wasn't aware of any plans of translating it for other communities (russians got it last year afaik)
    -so just skip every part where I'm talking about something "new"...
    hf watching
  • Tim64


    Thanks, very useful.
  • AlabardaRNMD


    gj, very interesting and useful video
  • LemOn36


    have you guys in your community figured out the play ability editor for R for 6max oop and IP? :)

    btw great that it got translated+got a separate video I was mentioning it in coachings from the get go it's such a simple concept and I've learned it from Lefort way back
  • LemOn36


    *editor for power equilab
  • jp2691


    Muy bueno
  • JayGatsby


    watched it 6 times in German now in English. One of the Best Videos here :)
  • WilliamBoo


    Great video! I have some questions:
    In hand number 2 he says that since villain has a tendency to multibarrel, and folds to x/r, it's better to call with hands like 96s which can flop lots of draws. But he says we should not include hands like T9o (good for hand 1 example) because we cannot go to showdown with marginal showdown value hands.
    T9o flops lots of draws and we can x/r a lot. I don't understand.
    I think that in example number 2, the bad hands to call are AXo since we don't flop any hand worth check raising, and when we hit our TP is really hard to calldown 3 barrels.
    What do you think?? Sorry for my english hahaha
  • ZergZoul


    One of the best poker videos I've seen. Make more like this one plz!