Advanced $8 buy in 180 man review

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Collin reviews hand by hand a $8 buy in 180 man SNG played by a regular of this stakes on PokerStars. The main focus is looking for mistakes and showing the optimal play instead, taking in consideration the position, stack sizes and the ranges provided by Holdem Resources Calculator when the stacks become shallower.


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  • Cheops1


    in the first hand you said that you would have opened down to 98s.
    My question is how can I find the correct open raising ranges from any position in the first blind levels? What are the ranges when i have over 20bb in later stages ? How can i work on that?
  • HandOnFire


    great video as always colin , I would love to see some productions from 3r 180 man
  • tonypmm


    I'm going to watch this in full later, but it looks as good as usual so far :) A good point has been made about the influence of the antes on setmining @0:20; I've never analysed the difference, thanks for doing it!

    I'm such a maniac that I'd probably open 97s in the first hand if the opponents on my left were too tight, lol.
  • tonypmm


    Oh, and I definitely second the request for another 3r video: now, when rake has started playing a big role, more and more regs are focusing on rebuys instead of freezeouts, to pay 3% avg rake instead of 8%.
  • Tombartik1


  • IlyaMokhov


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  • SMler1


    great as always and i am very glad that you took enough time for your explanations, Collin ;-))
  • andreylukalopesgualberto


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  • tonypmm


    #8: Ironically, the username of one of the winners of the July hand evaluator contest of the Rus. comm., 'zndjqhjnbgfkm', makes sense if the English keyboard layout is switched to Russian and these letters are typed out. It's a rather indecent phrase, though :D

    Regarding the video, I really liked the point made @30:00 about the fact that a flat by a rec player doesn't change our 3bet-shoving range. I had never realised it, would tend to squeeze tighter than to shove into a single opener (though it wouldn't be the case in a Spin, where there's no payout structure pressure). I guess it's a rather common leak (which Hero exhibits too).
  • Gazowski


    Hi, this is a very nice video. But this is too complicated for me: / there is still a lot to learn
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Cheops1: It's very tough to say exact open-raising ranges, in part because it depends on so many factors. If you come to my Wednesday coachings, i'm happy to let you know my range in any situation. You can also look at stats for players you respect to see how wide they are opening based on position and effective stack range. Hope that helps.

    #2 HandOnFire: Thanks! And will do.

    #7 SMler1: Thanks ... and I have some videos coming out soon that go through explanations in even much more detail :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Gazowski: Thanks, and don't worry, keep on playing and watching videos and you'll feel up to speed soon :)

    Tony: Thanks as always for your comments and feedback. Glad the setmining and squeezing comments were useful. I'll definitely produce more 3R content soon. And that's funny about that screenname, don't think I would've ever known that!
  • chiqui1990


    muy buen video
  • brunocrosfort


    Muito foda


    Great video as always Collin!
  • MrPink578


    Fantastic video. All your videos are great. Very helpful, very informative. And as always, excellent content. Thanks!!
  • tzoun


    Very nice video and very useful!