5 Tips to Win at HUSNGs

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $16
  • Heads-up
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Collin Moshman presents five tips for beginners on how to become a winning Heads Up Sit and Go player.


collin hands Heads up Nash short stack smallball tips

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  • Coky2602


    Nice video. Thanks!.
  • mellab1985


    nice tips
  • vaarg


    nice. thank you
  • StuUngar01


    Nice. Thanks
  • tonypmm


    Barrelling frequencies are certainly opponent-dependent, e.g. in the HUC match where I've just got owned, prosvk was check/raising a ton, both at the flop and sometimes at the turn. I wasn't sure where to draw the line between bluffcatchers and total junk.
  • Ci4p3k


    Nice viedo. Thank you !
  • Glopslart


    A thought-provoking video. "Like"!
    Sorry if these sound like idiot questions but:
    # how do you assess what sort of opponent you are facing?
    # how do you assess if an opponent is "betting too much/too little"; "calling too much/too little"; "folding too much/too little"?
    Where are the borders/guidelines for these assessments? I am thinking of restarting poker and these are issues I never quite sorted out when playing HUSNGs previously.
  • nxonxo


    great )
  • valdilei


    Nice video
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Coky2602: No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

    #2 Mellab1985: Thanks!

    #3 Vaarg: Sure, glad you liked the video :)

    #4 StuUngar01: Very welcome, thanks for posting.

    #5 Tonypmm: Definitely opponent-dependent. Just making the point that double and triple-barrelling can be very effective heads-up, we want to apply a lot of pressure.

    #6 Ci4p3k: Thanks!

    #7 Glopslart: Based on how loose or tight he's playing, passive vs aggressive, etc. If you have more hands, you can use stats too instead of just manual observation.

    It's difficult to give an exact answer to your remaining questions, but just think about it in just think of it as a comparison to what you'd expect to see. For example, if you're minraising your button and your opponent folds the first three times, he's likely playing too tight.

    Hope that helps.

    #8 Nxonxo: Glad you enjoyed :)
  • nathanrenard


    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us Collin.
  • djuqpl


    Nice video. Thanks a lot bro!


    Interesting video indeed :)
  • marfori


    thanks for the video!!
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    nice content!
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    Super. Weiter so. :-I
  • sars1887


    This is how you win.
    True story.
    Video is real.
  • Hairik


    Nice, thanks, Quite revealing.
  • Glopslart


    TY for your responses, Mr Moshman.
  • Biznardian


    I like the video, I do not play a lot HU games but it is handy at the finals. Thank you
  • JCAH18


    Nice video, thanks for sharing your ideas.
  • tzoun


    Thank you very much, very helpfull tips.