Meet epitomised - a SNG Pro!

  • Recorded coachings
  • SNG
  • $3 - $16
  • Fullring
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Collin is joined by epitomised, a very well know SNG player from UK. They will be talking about his past when epitomised used to play Limit Holdem at the highest stakes possible but also about how he is crushing SNGs today. On top of that, our members had the opportunity to decide what our guest will be playing live during the coaching. Enjoy!


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  • VladimirSV


    Спасибо за интересное видео...
  • Alsu21


  • leoninja


    nice :)
  • Baupaule


    gut gut gut
  • HandOnFire


    what is his screenname? video quality is quite bad
  • coldchurch


    Nice audio! Poor video quality...
  • 1234Devil


    Вот бы еще на русском было)) Но все равно спасибо.
  • BluffFAIL


    schönes Video
  • samson1005


    Эх... Не хватает русского перевода, а так видео хорошее!
  • Ivawkairl


    субтитры хотяб как минимум
  • InfernaLMachinE


  • tonypmm


    It's manly of James to alter his playing schedule (grind at morning offpeak hours) because of bing a double daddy.

    I'm not going to have a family ever, so I'd be poised for becoming a great poker player if I weren't so stupid :D

    If I suddenly had children, I'd prefer to pay maintenance to them and grind in solitude whenever I want, but James seems to like the process of upbringing o_O
  • daniroxx100


    very cool video! i like it a lot! coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    best wishes daniroxx100
  • yabiraa


    saihan bichleg bn ushuu ihiig hiigerei LIKE


    Very bad video quality. Can you fix it please? Cannot see... :(
  • lukafearless


    very nice