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In these days pre-flop strategies are well known to every players beyond the micros. But is there also an easy way to form a general post flop strategy? If so, how would it look like? These are the questions alderfalder tries to answer. In this video he will offer you options for breaking flop structures into groups. With those groups you will be able to improve your game more systematically.


alderfalder equity realisation Theory Video

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  • alc0naft


    nice or dont nice?
  • Falco35


    Since when is alderfalder Russian? These is a typicall russian dialekt?
  • HkFui


    Das Original für die deutsche Community;
  • dennixx


  • KingKas


    Das Original ist Diamond. Dann muss ich mir halt den englischsprechenden russischen Alderfalder reinziehen :D
  • marina13081989


  • AdiPutr259


  • SvenBe


    he guys,
    - we dubbed from the Russian version, thus the accent sounds russian as the dubber is Russian, too.
    - the original was Diamond, we give 1 status as discount for bringing it only now
    - why do we bring it now: we believe it is still top notch content, thx to Alderfalder, yeah!
  • Dominis42


    why i cant see all video?!
  • SDK1987


    @9: You can see the whole video if you have the platinum status or higher. You’re a silver member on the moment.
  • chainuocsuoi


  • Tredix


    Very good and useful stuff! Looking forward for the next coaching! :)
  • jonsanro


    Very good video
  • niickiitoo


    very nice explication !
  • TheJacky


    Super Erklärung und schönes Video.
    So stellt man sich gutes Coaching vor :)
  • SteveShen


    Very good and interesting, looking forward to the rest of the video.
  • AApoKKer


    Not much information l had gather with my basic status. Long way to go before l can watch the whole video :(
  • mitozgd


  • Ricardo10222


    very nice content
  • GingerKid


    hi, very good video. I usually bet small with thin value hands and add some draws and bdfd to it to be able to float vs raises or continue barreling, but the problem is that most of regs put me exactly on the value range that I have (small bet size = thin value hands) so they raise and barrel with TPGK+, which means that they can raise with a high frequency and put us in the tough spot with our medium hands. Sure vs such guys it is good to put some strong hands into bet small range, like top set, top 2 pair (hands that block villain defend range, which I would check otherwise).
  • GingerKid


    You say that for Ak+ range you would pick huge bet size to set the all in by the river. This means that you would overbet every street?
    Imo if you overbet every street, and villain defends 1-a on all streets, villain would likely defend only AK by the river, which means that you likely can't value bet river with AK, which implies that smaller bet size would be better to keep weaker Ax calling down. So imo if villain defends 1-a, we should overbet for value 2 pair+, and with AK pick a bet size so that at least Aq+ is calling down (e.g. pot size),
  • GingerKid


    Since you talk about adding bluffs to different bet size ranges, how do you decide which bluff goes to which range? I usually exploitative bet draws small size to keep floats and fold them on later streets.