Crush NL20 on 888poker with w34z3l

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $20
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach recorded for you all a live session played on NL20 on 888poker. Enjoy!


888 crushing microstakes live game live play low stakes microstakes Shorthanded weazel

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  • meandi289


    What software are you using to see your opponent's hole cards ( J K ) at 06:02 ? Actually I'm looking for some poker software that can improve my skill, and wondering if I should use a tracking software. Some poker rooms don't allow to use tracking software anymore right ?
  • tra1art


    meandi289, Holdem Manager

    Yes, not all poker rooms allow to use Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager
  • AADiaboliKK


    so far....
  • InfernaLMachinE


    Yes, baby. Nice video
  • Zolya1989


    no bad
  • Kidpokeritto


    Bravo normal video mia placut , vizionare placuta la toti.
  • Johnchebac


    Kidpokeritto nu te supara dar nu cred ca esti roman la cum scrii :))
  • sally73wuff


  • xSniFF


    "if you dont know how you end up in the hand - just bet " :D
  • rozalia27


    E foarte interesant videoclipul trebuie urmarit cu atentie bafta
  • HHHuBi


    44:04 you said is also/is protection bet, but if you are giving pure odds to draws, then its not P bet imo, also you dont fold anything probably. So you "only" betting for free SD/information, but not saying that is bad.
  • w34z3l


    Common misconception is that if we give our opponents odds to call with a draw, then it's not +EV. It doesn't matter if opponent has the odds, if he calls with worse we still profit assuming we have the best hand.

    Also usually worth keeping in mind that poker terminology is imperfect, so it's hard for any one word to precisely determine our reasons for betting. So long as a point is conveyed I guess that is the main thing.
  • Pauique833


  • msnek


    2:10 table 2, QQ hand - is the reason for beting so big on this very dry board based on the fact that villain seems like a fish ? Would u bet less against regular ?
    2:30 77 hand - what would you do if the river was Q, K or A card ?
  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for the great video? Are these games still beatable in 2017 as well?