oblioo vs PokerSnowie - Gameplan Comparison

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Our coach oblioo challenges PokerSnowie, and after playing a short session, he analyses interesting spots and compares his gameplan to what the software suggests.


Dustin Equilab gameplan PokerSnowie postflop preflop ps Ranges strategy

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  • KTU


    I like it a lot :)
  • LemOn36


    Neat! Snowie's great for session reviews too, I like this format!

    High stakes players use some form of Random number generator for the mixed strategy hands btw. (e.g. 75% 3B 25% call, RNG 1-100. 1-25=call 26-100=3b etc)

    And It'd be nice if you combined your game, Snowie and then run postflop through Pio to get the complete picture :)
  • oblioo


    #1 :)
    #2 Yes I know; I have my own way of randomizing. (Side note: while I do implement rng in some spots, there are not many players who play lower than 2knl against whom true mixed strats are optimal, i.e. vs any given midstakes player there will usually be a difference in EV between calling and 3betting.) I probably won't be making videos with a solver any time soon.
  • twinskat


    nice analysis Oblioo, but wish it had gone one step further...

    Why not see what happens on Turn and River when you think about checking a hand, and opp bets? Do we xc , xf, or perhaps xr? And especially on river, would be interested to see what hands might be check/calls?

    If PS is decent, most xc we have should be close to zero EV, correct? Makes the decision of whether to bet or not a little more interesting, neh?

  • Kalinka8425


    Snowie is the Champion for ever !
  • oblioo


    #4, because that would have made the video 3x as long :p I will be making more videos in the future with a similar structure but different lines.

    "most xc we have should be close to zero EV, correct?"

    Could you clarify this question? Are you talking about just bluffcatching on the river, or are you referring to earlier streets as well? This misconception comes from a toy game that only occasionally applies to NL; most hands are usually either +ev or -ev to call with because of blockers.
  • Shevtshenko


    AQ @6:30

    Why do you think betting most of your range aggressively on this board is the best strategy? Since you say AQ on the river is at the top of your range for c/c, c/c, I presume you're betting the better hands? I would not bet this board very aggressively and rather protect my checking range, what am I missing?
  • MisterSnS


    Wow I really enjoyed the format, the Hand/Range-Analysis and wish to see more of that in the future!

    Without being results-oriented, the 79o call on the river seems pretty spewy to me. We have to give snowie a ton of bluffs there (which he would bet most likely on the flop) to justify a call. I also don't see any reason to valuebet the river with showdown-value. He could still be value-raising hands such as KQ there assuming that you'd never have Ax there the way you played the prior streets. Could you explain your thought process about the bet a bit further?

    The AQ:
    Which range would you decide to check/call with in that spot?
    Would you play Topset the same way? What about KK+?
  • Zolotarsp


    Very nice format. Keep on going Dustin ;)
  • pisiattu


    nice video coach
  • ConteCaly


    nice video... thanks 4 all your advices