Big Postflop Pots at 10/20 and 15/30

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Collin analyzes spots where he and others put in at least 50bb postflop mainly at 10/20 and 15/30 blind levels. Specific concepts include: Raising dry flops, stackoff ranges vs recreational players, leveling wars vs regulars, overbetting for value, and ranging opponents on late streets.


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  • neverdixs


    Hey Collin nice vid i am just not agree with the hand min 6.00 AT in a monocromatic board vs 2 players with a naked TP i think we are mostly valuebeting ourselves and we have showdown value, i mean what is your plan if in the turn get anoher Diamond? I like more checking, calling/betting turn and evaluated river,

    About the last hand i sont think we are ahead often there anyway we have some value and 1 out to the nuts, i think calling flop is ok, and folding in blank turn if same guy bet and the other calls if the guy in the middlr folds is harder then i think i may peel one more card and see the river the problem is if a blank come and he bets we have hard time.
  • imgoingtomirage


    Please keep all comments in English, thanks.
  • Bradrson391


    your going to die trying the online sites are rigged poker star being the worst you can tell us all the way your going to get rich lol on poker stars ok how much you up now?
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Neverdixs: Thanks for the comments and feedback. In the AT hand, I definitely understand what you're saying, but I think particularly the hyper-loose limper may call flop with a wide range including almost any naked diamond ... for sure if the turn is a diamond we are giving up. I like/agree with your comments on the last hand.
  • Hitman4an


    in last gand i'd play check/push. We defend our straight by this move.
  • princesbg


    yeah very nh and interesting play ,like it much this
  • Pocius911


    very good lesson
  • ghaleon


    Check-call is only sensible line in last hand. Depending of action you can continue to check-call or fold. Check-raising will look simply too strong in such multiway pot.
  • Viphine


  • JimmkCZ


    when I have 5 6 on hand and I will easy on table I lose because I too much focus so What I need for win?
  • Syntess


  • EricBarcelos


    Very good!
  • Sztalker1


    Here it is possible to write only in English. Wow!


    nice job


    Wow this vid has just shown me a complete different angle showing me what I was unable to see ..😎