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Our Sit and Go expert, Collin Moshman meets with the creator of the ICMIZER 2 software. They discuss many interesting topics and explain how the software work and how to use it.


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  • thazar


    I need to work more on that part of the game... for all the FTs that are to come!
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  • Winmaker


    thanks! good video!
  • brayanpoker


    thanks, good video!!
  • krys94


    Amazing video thanks :)
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  • xwinx


    Можно перевод,please
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  • dudka43


    перевод седлайте на русский пожалуйста
  • Dorina64


    Amanzig, good video ... Thanks!!
  • tonirul3z


    good video
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  • miloskrstic


    Good video, but sound at some moments is quiet. Transcript would be very useful.
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  • K4r4mb4


    really good video!
  • MrPink578


    I love sit and go's. The video is a little long, but very informative and well done.
  • BoOgar673


    Great job pokerstrategy.com, even more useful than oroginal vids on ICMIZER..but great softaware from ICMIZER maker too
  • matchball31


    very good video. it helped me on my decision which program i have to buy. thanks