Hyper, Hyper! bencb crushes SNGs

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11 - $30
  • Shorthanded
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In the first part of his series "Hyper, Hyper" our coach bencb is playing a live session on the $15 SNGs at PokerStars.com. Topics he will be covering on top of following the live action are passive defending and detecting and attacking weaknesses of his opponents. Furthermore after watching the video you will know more about fancy sounding things like Future Game & merged preflop no All in 3bets.
This video is a translation from our German Community


Comments (15)

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  • MarinaOrel


    Very nice and useful video!
  • ggccc


    Nice video and thank you for translation.
    Nice thinking process and explanations. Will you translate more from bencb please? :)
  • JayVee21


    Some really great stuff!
  • Egidatorius


    Great video with informative explanations. More translates from bencb please..
  • pe023x


    very useful video!
  • ferrye


    Very good video
  • Tim64


    Thanks Bencb, great stuff :) Just a reminder to ppl watching: don't open HRC while Stars is open.
  • s0cru3l


    great vid, especially liked the additional analysis, thanks :)

    KT 3b hand around 59:00+, imo 80 on flop will do the same job right?
  • Cermi414


    Nice one :)
  • K4r4mb4


    Nice Video!
  • Basicgamer


    Great video, thanks! Can you make some 9man hyper videos? :)
  • GonciSandor


  • JimmkCZ


    great video, thanks for explanation, it was help for...
  • bossrm


    nice i love hyper turbo by the way can you please add the subtitle sometime i cant listen cleary
  • Shin1019


    I enjoyed it