Spin&Goes - from Beginner to Winner - Live Play (4)

  • Recorded coachings
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $15
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It's time to put everything we have learned so far into practice! Watch our SNG guru Collin Moshman discuss the decisions our guest is making while playing live. Visit the coaching thread to stay up to date, click here.


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  • Tokiniyo


    very good
  • loeksterAA679


  • ma6inata100


    interesting video :)
  • orcwarhero


    nice video....edit out account info near end
  • bodidarma


    hi, does it make sense to shove QTs on 49:43 when opponent is tight (I don't notice any raise preflop from this player before and I expect to see strong hand). I know there is few BB but... :-)
  • VickyGroves


    I saw the QT hand also at 49:43 it makes sense just to fold it as opponent has not raised before, and is raising with a smallish stack size which usually looks like strength. If villain had just jammed i would of snapped but when the villain raises there it looks nutted.