PokerSnowie - The 2-street Value Hands

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  • NL BSS
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach plays a session versus PokerSnowie, and then analyses the session looking into 2-street value hands.


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  • GingerKid


    K8o vs overbet on turn, it is a big mistake to fold it. every 4x, 6x, Kx, Jx is easy call, since it is a solid blocker, thus it will be +EV call. Maybe KQ, KT is a fold, because it blocks AQ, AT.
  • oblioo


    "every 4x, 6x, Kx, Jx is easy call, since it is a solid blocker, thus it will be +EV call."

    This is not true; we still have another street left to play vs. a polarized range.

    You might be right that K8 is a call here, but having the 8c is not great because we block bluffs, and the K is not a great blocker because I don't expect most of a value overbetting range to include a king here.
  • ConteCaly


    nice video;)
  • brayanpoker


    good, nice video, i need that tools
  • Laci24


    77: In the 4. minute
    Do you like the SB call range when the BTN and the BB is reg? Are you not a afraid of face up range? :O I think you 3bet with monster..
    What do you think?
  • aka1987


    K8o vs Overbet auf wiederum ist es ein großer Fehler, sie zu falten. jedes 4x, 6x, Kx, Jx ist einfach Aufruf, denn es ist eine solide blocker, so wird es + EV Stelle sein. Vielleicht KQ ist KT eine Falte, weil es blockiert AQ, AT.
  • oblioo


    #14: I'm not quite sure what you mean by a "face up range". Yes our preflop flatting range is capped, but that doesn't mean we're capped on most flops.
  • oblioo


    Just to follow up, a calling range is often inherently weaker than a raising range; that's why it's a calling range instead of a raising range. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that.


    nice.... where is the end of the hand with 77 ???
  • Brdotari


    Ja no joke wit us