Beyond The First Strategy - Postflop Adjustments (2)

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Welcome to the second part of our "Beyond The First Strategy" course. From this lesson, you will learn, what adjustments you have to make postflop in order to improve your game. Find more in our dedicated thread!


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  • la55i


    I like these coachings. Content is good and they are easy to follow. Thank you! :)
  • dota29d


    need more videos
  • simson500


    If you need more of these coaching videos just have a look in this video section. There are several very good coachings.
  • Gawdless73


    Excellent video as always thank LemOn36
  • X3merr


    its realy great tips
  • RuiVieira78


    min 20:00 : We have so much value?
    everybody makes mistake ...and I believe you are really wrong when you still bet turn.
    Looks like his call on the Flop is FD and SD. Turn completes flush also str8 and you have not any kind of flush blocker neither ofc str8.