Two tabling NL200

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Our french coach Ilares is making his debut for the English community. And because he is a grinder, he directly fires up the NL200 tables and shows you how he plays there.


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Comments (13)

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  • nightblue21


    nice man thx, btw u look like krip xD
  • Yellowstar7


    ty man :)
  • JimmkCZ


    nice move, I dont know why but I didnt get it to win end...Its about face maybe
  • bandejapaisa


    Why the coach has that accent? jajaj
  • ilares


    @1: krip? come on, i'm younger!
    @5: after a long study it seems i'm french :D
  • SMler1


    Sound is much too low, without a Headset there is nothing to understand.
  • asimos


    Hey. Interesting style of play :)

    8:45 TJ you bet 38% psb. Can you explain your sizing a little more?

    13:27 I think the bet w QT is optimistic, what calling range you target? Isn't a check / call better option ?

    15.50: AT, why you don't flat preflop?

    18:22 can you explain you sizings in this spot (flop 1/3, turn pot?), and you say that you would over bet with AK to target this case how you play non diamond rivers?

    23:36... referring to the 3bet pot on the Axx, you say you have a lot of bluff hands, so you can value bet the river with AJ+... Was wondering which bluffing hands you have that you 3barrel here? Again if you could comment the sizing pattern you choose :)

    25.10: which hands you cold call from CO to defend vs squeeze here a) if the pfr calls 2) if the pfr folds? ATs as played seems a call to me,

    27.02 which hands you check / call on this spot? Which hands do you check/call vs 3 barrels?
    Same hand you pot the river. A smaller bet to put pressure to Villain's week range wouldn't be more optimal?
  • mattyvx


    like the video and betsizing does make alot of pressure. There were some spots that i didn't agree with your ranging of villian though giving their opening positions. One spot was the QT to target a weaker T or 9 but villian opened UTG so there is only T8 (villian dependant open), T9 is two pair, KT,AT is in range. And second spot was with the A4diamonds when we got cold called from MP and read was villian had QJ with a single diamond or on the flop an 8 (which i guess would only be 78 if he even flats that). Excellant vid and some inspiring logic to listen to the hand ranging thought processes but i think those range really change for cold calling & EP opens
  • mattyvx


    asimos here's my take for what it's worth on 18:22 the flop sizing 1/3 - using this size does a few things, it allows us to bet very frequently as our bluffs need to work less especially on this texture and we have range advantage. Villian has many hands that have to fold regardless of our betsize (inelastic) and it also applies alot of pressure to his middling range of pocket pairs which have an easier decision facing a bigger bet. On the turn, we can bet big as villians range is capped so we can now start to apply alot of pressure to his capped range and we can overbet more thinly for value with single paired hands like AK because villians has far fewer sets and two pairs so we can pressure his worse middling strength hands that will either fold too much facing this size or be forced to call down to defend enough so we maximize value
  • ilares


    8:45 indeed i think its more a 3barrel starting with 2/3 pot
    but he open 3x, i 3b 10x, pot is quite big and i block Jx Tx, i think 38% is fine

    13:27 yes its quite thin, but i think he raise 7x turn quite often, so i value 88 JT T8
    i think 1/3 river bet is better
    we can x/c, but i don't see a lot of bluff, so i prefer to value bet thin

    15:50 i think both are fine, the 13/6 seems fishy so squeeze seems ok,
    even if his range is quite tight; plus utg open loose

    18:22 AQ5 is quite a good board for bu, so i like to cbet a lot of hands 1/3 pot
    pot turn is good imo, the 7 add a lot of bluff to my range
    on a diamond river, we value bet thin 1/3-1/2 a lot of cards

    23:36 on the A63? well we 3barrel AJ+ 54s 78s 89s and turn flush draw
    i pot turn to shove around 2/3 river

    25:10 we call a lot of hands if pfr call, and really a few if pfr fold: it depends
    on utg opr% and bu sqz%, hard to detail every hand here
    ATs is a standart call i guess, i think i folded because bu does'nt squeeze a lot

    27:02 we x/c 3barrels 99 TT JJ and some Qx/Ax fd
    on the river, yeah maybe 2/3 to have a call from a lot of Qx is better, but since
    heart fd and T9 JT miss, betting big seems ok
  • chicongacc


    I liked them because this is the competition really
  • NgNet


    it works because its simple and people understand it and people feel the value of their work! its great!!
  • tingozhu


    well done mate.