Poker in Practice - Postflop Planning (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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Our NL expert starts a new series called "Poker in Practice". In this very first part, w34z3l will be looking at the different lines available to take postflop. When is it ok to check the flop? When should we play bet/bet/check? When should we fire once and give up.


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Comments (21)

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  • JaaPWWW


  • HkFui


  • brayanpoker


    Hey good, nice to learning :)
  • AApoKKer


    Interesting but only part of it ( 4 minutes ), petty !
  • ciuciu17


    A good video for beginners and an d also for everyone willing to recap a lil theory. I hope next videos are well described to get more interesting things.
  • fepbekc


    very good
  • Ins517


    thanks, very interesting
  • buslovich


  • akerblum


    Something to learn! Ok
  • Pinny1990


    Lol, increased budget ... almost gave me epileptic seizure tho .. :D
  • DamnjanFilipovic


    nothing new, :)
  • mattyvx


    solution for the JT8 please :D
  • inzaghiphilipo999


    Nice video!
  • bubamarasr


    Nice video
  • Retroavante


    Good flop
  • magicadil


    Very informative. A lot of people make post flop plays without really thinking about why they're doing certain actions, so it's nice to see the thought process that goes behind that.
  • fimzik


    Nice video. Do we not often we get c / r turn (underbet)?
  • budon25


    nice .more new expireance for a new poker carrier
  • morpheus163


    Nice video
  • psix666psix


  • s0cru3l


    A5s 41:36...I wouldnt underbet here...this hand is great bluffcatcher...def. want to have some weaker TP in check turn range...there are 2 possible FDs which he can bluff with I prefer checking