Folding The Nuts with oblioo

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Should you ever fold the nuts? What are the reasons for it and when to even think about folding? Our coach will try to answer all these questions in this video. Enjoy!


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  • clovenhoofsdoom


    Well, I watched the video only until you assumed we can set Villain on 2 distinct hands. I understand that this is a theoretical approach but in reality I always learned one puts Villain onto a Range instead a single hand. You then talk about if villains bluffing your approach is wrong but as a matter of fact, you cannot be sure 100% about Villain's hole cards before showdown so you are better off not folding the nuts (the name says it: nuts = best hand). No one should think about folding them until your hand is obviously not any longer the nuts.
  • Svinhugg


    I have watched the video and I'm honestly not sure that it isn't some advanced poker joke that goes over my head.
  • JiggyStar


    i guess those who watched the full video just got pranked to the max, thats it
  • oblioo


    lol this video was released on an unfortunate day but I promise it's not an April Fools joke.
  • oblioo


    #1: First of all, I explained that folding the nuts in spots like this would be an exploitative play, which will come up rarely, if ever, in practice. Secondly, and more importantly, later in the video I explain how we can use this theoretical concept to influence our bet sizes when we hold and/or block the nuts plus a redraw.
  • oblioo


    #1: Also, sometimes a range will only consist of a couple combos of hands.
  • Lennus


    hahaha april fool!
  • oblioo


    noo not april fool; this is a real video!
  • POGermain


    Dont think villains are gonna be folding the nuts to us ever. Also even if we block the nuts and the re draw I think overbetting would accomplish the same % of folds as a regular bet.
  • oblioo


    #10, do you see how both of your arguments support overbetting with nuts+redraw?
  • Zolotarsp


    At lower limits somewhat often occurs another spot where you have to fold the nuts. That is, if you have like 1-card straight, or play the board, and vilian goes AI in small-ish pot OTR. Then, you only can call for chop, but rake takes more, so folding is better.

    Surprised how guys above think it's a joke. Anyone who played omaha is quite familiar with the concept you explained.
  • OverNutes


  • Heaventroops


  • jules97


    When OOP, I think x/r the turn is better than overbet barreling. Especially for the 7Ts hand.

    Win more money when the IP player bet/folds the turn or bet/calls turn then folds the river. When overbetting the turn we weaken our checking range allowing the IP player to be quite abusive.

    Can always overbet the river if turn checks through.
  • oblioo


    jules, x/r turn is not a good idea in these spots because villain has so many hands they can check back, which is a disaster when we're trying to get value. it also doesn't make sense theory-wise because blank turns improve the range of the player who bet on a wet flop (i.e. us), so we should be the ones doing the betting again on the turn, and our size should be big.
  • Bonifacius


    Doyle Brunson or Dan Harrington wrote never set your opponents to less than 10% of bluff.