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In this video FaLLout86 will give you a short introduction into his training concept for learning Fold Equities. To start, we will have a forum topic for 7 training days with 30 questions each. They are focusing on combos - combinations of cards. These will cover the basics for being able to swiftly estimate Fold Equities yourself. You can find the training in our forum: training thread


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  • Guemagg


    cheer ty
  • smartineau


    i wish i coud understand what you were saying
  • Kestys


    Good training
  • Alyssonsc


    Very good, thanks!!
  • grizz4321


    Well done, thank you.
  • grizz4321


    Well done, thank you very much. I think, I will use your advise.
  • Blackmahhh


    very nice
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    helpfull ty
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    very nice
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    Very good ty very much bro
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    Very good ty very much bro
  • ladaga1


    Good training
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    Good training
  • offo11


    good for newbies!
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  • gorgelucas


    An excellent way to explain Combos.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    I remember watching this video 2 weeks ago and I was like how am I supposed to know how many flushdraws Q9o+ has on 4c9c3c but now after week 4 of the course I know the answer instantly! Thank you!