Collin Moshman meets André Coimbra

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Our coach invited a well known PokerStars Pro André Coimbra. Our guest played live and they together talked about many interesting things such as our guest's challenge or MTT vs SNG.


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    both are my heros WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • akerblum


    Just helpfull, great!
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    Just helpfull, great!
  • vaarg


    great :)
  • crixus92


    helpfull :)
  • KostasTech


    Nice approach, buy imo playing at the same time more than 1 or 2 tables you lose to much information from your opponents. Such as their reaction time, (I want to say how much time they take to bet,call or fold,)
    Anyway if our approach is based on maths then its just fine, but extra information based on players as we all know will make our plays more defined against every enemy's type of play.

    Again I want to say Great video!!!
  • attila48


    Great video!
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    Good video , good coach, good game )))
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    wonderful game )))
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    Verry nice video. It was helpfull form me. Congrats
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    good one !
  • bubamarasr


    Nice video
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    wonderful game
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    good game GG
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    nice =D
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    Verry nice video. Wonderful game! More plz!
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    You as always cool!and you always have something to learn
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    valuable info thanks
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    awseome !!! i hope i can learn , and win after this , and become an proffesional poker player
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    Great video!
  • mirkotek1984


    Verry nice video. It was helpfull form me. Congrats
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    Super helpful
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    Very nice video. Nice game a more experience, good luck for everyone...
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    Nice video.
  • apuka77


    nice video
  • tonypmm


    I thought it would be an instructive video on hyper satellites but Andre played none of them (they were his main game, iirc, or at least, they were his fiancee's main game for sure). What a disappointment for me. I know there's a video on the 16-man sats by LuckyLukePS but they're so complex that one video is not enough.