Queens & Jacks played correctly!

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
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In this video our coach KTU is giving you some advice on how to play your pocket queens & pocket jacks correctly on the poker tables!


Basics examples how to play jacks jj qq queens Theory Video

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  • nathanrenard


    JJ is a very tricky hand, this is a good video imo.
  • chicongacc


    I liked them because this is the competition really
  • xman01


  • dani1294


    Very good strategy.
  • Pok3rProph3t


    Good review


  • balcan777


    Good strategy
  • PeaceknightRNMD


    Thank you
  • dk1307


    careful information about this pockets
  • bandejapaisa


    nice video
    for when TT
  • Glich91


    nice JJ withlve
  • drongo13


    very good!!!!
  • drongo13


    good luck all!
  • ButcherPudge


    Good video
  • Hesticus


    Yes, I like this video too.
  • K1d0t4


    Nice video. Recently I was eliminated in two tournaments with JJ in hands. I think I was playing this hand very bad and this video helped me a lot.
  • alenomg


    I like the video but I don't agree with reshove of JJ from CO vs SB resteal. I would flat it
  • kukko2


    I think that also that re-steal-shove is quite marginal, specially in very small games. micro stakes like nl2-10 are so weak, there are usually 30-60% players are fish. these guys are calling whit shit load of hands, and they are ready to go flips whit all kind of grap. there for shoving for re-steal you are missing most of the time the folding equity, so you have actually beat the calls with these hands, and if the villain 3-bets wiht maybe 10-15% range, JJ is gonna be on small favorite, maybe you have only 55-60% equity... maybe better approach would be to call 3-bet and out play the weak opponent in post flop, and it gives a lot of chances to fold, if the fish actually hit something.

    beside of the previous comment, i liked the video!!! very good and strong strategy!!!
  • alenomg


    I agree with kukko2 because i don't wanna go JJ all in preflop, or even QQ (maybe vs fish sometimes), all the rest stands. Nice video
  • PokarFace


    I wouldn't shove vs the sb RE-RESTEAL =-S