Top $30 Spin & Go Players - How They Play 3-handed

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  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $30
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In his new video about Spin & Go, Moskvyak analyzes the top players at $30 limit, combining them into one single alias. From the video you will learn how they play 3-handed and you will be able to compare their performance using very useful Hold'em Manager 2 filters.


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Comments (27)

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  • 5pooky




    thanks, help me much
  • domeex


    yea its pretty good :D
  • 2Girls1TAG


    i looked in spinlyzer. Moskvyak plays only 413 games on 15spins and is loosing player. why are u making videos for 30 spins?lol
  • JoseGrePradaS


  • easyace


  • Feri7


    Hi, why is this video platinum? I
  • Linas10


    Thanks :)
  • abnerjunior


  • jacek293


  • SvenBe


    @7: because it targets players that are playing those stakes where you as a grinder will easily have the points for the platinum status.
  • SvenBe


    @2Girls1Tag: Moskvyak played his Spins before Spinlyzer started tracking. Hi is one of the most respected coaches in our biggest community and earned his respect in numerous videos and coachings. He since retired from active poker and used this video to analyze some of his (possible former) oponents.
  • Kogologo


    I thought datamining is illegal.....
  • CollinMoshman


    Great video! I've recommended it to a number of spin players, very valuable info
  • zuksters83


    Thought that it will be more about Starting hand ranges depending on stack/position, but still - useful info! Thx.
  • RedHeater


    Lots of appreciation and thanks from players who are gold status and below. How do you guys get to see the video, seeing as it is for platinum users?
  • sparky113


    thanks and nh video ,wrily th for this video
  • ivele


    looked in spinlyzer. Moskvyak plays only 413 games on 15spins and is loosing player. why are u making videos for 30 spins?lo
  • skinnie88


    thanks it helped for me i will try it
  • Falco35


    I dont get it how they can have the same or slightly more hands played at the BU than SB/BB. Obv they should have way more hands played BB and SB if the often reach the HU Game! At least I have 2 times, nearly 3 times, more hands played SB/BB
  • Falco35


    Ah okay. These hands are filtered just on 3 max Playing.
  • Falco35


    So they have 60% VPIP 3handed in the SB? Is this not too much a) always OOP and b) often with in the pot 3 way in the middle of the others. Hm.
  • IfknNoob


    Great stuff, very informative. Thx for the downgrade , so I was able to watch it.
  • denmasyuda


  • werbowka


    Good cool
  • evggenii777


    Thanks :)


    Is it standard for this site, to downgrade video's and then moments later upgrade it again? It is very annoying to see 1/3 of the video and then moments later not able to watch it anymore because of my gold-status.