$7 Spin & Go Clinic with Collin

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $7
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This video is all about beating small stakes Spin & Goes. Our coach reviews in depth hand examples from $7 spins.


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  • RedHeater


    Great to see more Spins/Twisters videos, keep them coming! :)
  • RedHeater


    Around 01:50 there is a hand where we have 64s, and the board is 48Q rainbow, the queen is our suit. I normally check back in this sort of situation if it gets checked around and say a five comes, figuring that we are only getting called by better, and with that sort of card we have chances to improve on the river.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Redheater: Thanks! In terms of the hand at 1:50, checking a turn 5 is definitely fine. The main reason to fire sometimes at blanks is to prevent a combined 9-15 out draw from getting a free shot at getting there.
  • chicoucoux


    Thanks Coach for efforts and info
  • aqlove


    Thanks you
  • akifsadeed01


    thanks for the info, might come in handy. Keep up the effort :)
  • kingofgam6896


    thanks for the info, it was benific
  • voin973


    thanks you verry mathe))))
  • luhmagalhaes


    Thank you
  • dan1802


    for me its slightly too fast clicked thrue the non action hands
  • Sztalker1


    Good video. But the Spin&go = lucky play. And many all-in preflop. As bingo ...
  • OChlopie


    #15 Agree
  • vamonsdefe


    I dont think at 05:16 if opponents 3bets its a good nash call with k9o. I think its a fold, KT close call, and KJ+ call.
  • smerti1111


    Nice video, will like to see more spin&go videos.
  • willemrules


    great video.