NL100 Snap Poker with oblioo

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach plays a live session on two NL100 Snap Poker tables on 888poker. Enjoy the action and his explanations!


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  • Shevtshenko


    Completing J8o against utg limper from sb. You say it's -ev according to your database analysis. I'd like to know what percentage of hands would you expect the big blind to raise with preflop after you complete?
  • oblioo


    I made this video last year so I don't remember saying that, and I know hands like K6o are -ev according to db analysis, but I'm not sure about J8o. Anyway, without reads I'd guess top 22%-25%.
  • Shevtshenko


    It's at @14:32.

    According to what I calculated, J8o has about 29% equity versus the ranges that see the flop. Assuming you get to see the flop 75% of the time, the R needed for a +ev call with J8 is about 76%. Do you think this is an unreasonably high R for J8o 3-way being out of position against both? How do you think the 3-way nature of the pot affects the R compared to heads-up pots?

    K6o actually has slightly higher equity against the same ranges, so it needs a little bit less R in order for the call to be +ev but granted it'll be tough to get the same R for K6o as for J8o.
  • oblioo


    I think J8o is going to realize significantly more of its equity than K6o, partly because we can stab more flops with bdsds, and we'll more often have 2 overs to the middle card, so I'd guess that J8o is slightly +ev to overlimp in sb (especially since we can assume the original limper is a weak player), while K6o is likely slightly -ev. For hands with non-robust equity (i.e. K6o), I think we can realize more of our equity in HU pots, because at the very least we can bet the flop more often. For hands with more robust equity I'd guess number of players doesn't matter too much (but position still does of course).
  • sciuscia


    Fold A6o BB vs BTN OR 2.25? WTF!