Pro Lines at NL400 with oblioo

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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oblioo reviews some non standard lines he took on NL400, focusing also on scenarios where you might use such a line instead!


hand history leaks mid stakes non standard pro line review

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  • doberman2571


    good choice :(
  • GingerKid


    hi, first hand, turn decision. You said that we need around 25% equity to call (then said more OOP). Well, what if we are IP? Do we really need 25% equity? what about spots where you on river have the best hand but villain bluffs? so imo you need to factor in that as well, and on such board there are many cards that improve villain range more than yours, since on turn you are calling mostly bad Ax hands, some PP, fd and some 5x+. I think that it is totally fine to overfold flop OOP on such a board which favors IP player a lot. Also if you hit 9 or A (doesnt happen that often), still you have a bluff catcher if villain bets again, and if he checks you mostly have the better hand but you didnt have chance to bet it yourself), My point is, I am not sure if even flop float is +EV vs decent villain.
  • Tightfold


    These games you play in seem pretty soft. Where do you play?
  • GingerKid


    2nd hand, I like overbet because some guys see it as bluff (villain perceived range is weak so your overbet might look to some players as a bluff). Why did you chose 2x overbet? why not 3x or even shove since you most likely have the nuts? if you want to use correct bluff ratio, you can with shove bluff most combos, so imo shove would be max EV with so strong hand.
  • GingerKid


    3rd hand, I think that it would be better to raise turn with qdtx, kdtx, so that you can bluff river and have some decent blocker. Imo river is give up because of the bad blocker effect, also villain range improves with river card yours not much.

    What do you think about donking turn with some QT, KT, 4x as bluff and some value hands that are not strong enough to raise turn and stack off but can donk and bet river? I usually take this line on turn oop with draws that are too strong to fold and too weak to call oop (little showdown equity).
  • GingerKid


    4th (AA) I like call preflop, creative play. Imo flop you should lead, the reason is that your range looks strong because of shorty (why would you ever flat some non premium hand). There are enough weak Kx and TT- QQ hands in villain range which want to check flop, so Imo flop was a big mistake (I don't expect bluffs on flop due to your perceived range).

    River as played I would shove (pot bet looks probably as KK+, AK anyway and with shove you rep same range, I dont think that AK is folding, and other Kx might call as well especially if you bluff often as overbet).
  • GingerKid


    5th hand is just great. Imo he should also have some weak Kx hands, but agree that the range is likely bluff heavy.
  • GingerKid


    6th hand 75s, imo you cant consider that 75s will OOP realise so much equity, because what about all those spots where you hit nothing but still have equity and you fold, or you hit 5x, 7x but the board is not good for bluff catching etc. Only 2pair+ you can consider to realise equity close to 100%. So imo calling here is good only if you know that villain has enough leaks postflop.
  • GingerKid


    7th AJo, if you say villain is fish, why do you bet 50% pot, why not at least pot? River I agree about 50%, but it is thin, could go smaller.
  • GingerKid


    8th QT, turn imo check is burning money vs fish. I would personally shove turn, but pot is ok imo as well. Most of fish are never folding weaker straight, probably not 2pair, set, and some fish not even overpair or pair since they put you on AQ, AK and he induced you on flop.
  • GingerKid


    9th hand QTo (i guess qt is your favorite combo :) ). What do you think about betting turn and river overbet (but not this river, most of rivers)? Imo villain is going to raise flop or turn decent % of time with his strong hands, and on river you can rep JJ+ for, villain is super cappt especially if J+ comes on river.
  • GingerKid


    sorry in the end for so many comments and questions, it means that hands were very interesting :)
  • gandosh


    th hand QTo (i guess qt is your favorite combo :) ). What do you think about betting turn and river overbet (but not this river, most of rivers)? Imo villain is going to raise flop or turn decent % of time with his strong hands, and on river you can rep JJ+ for, villain is super cappt especially if J+ comes on river.
  • oblioo



    In the future if you could keep your initial questions contained to one comment that would be great ;)

    First of all I made this video back in February, and my game has changed a decent amount since then. With that said, I'll try to focus on your questions which I may not have explained in the video:

    2nd hand, I think 3x+ looks significantly stronger than 2x pot, whereas I think people will call fairly wide here vs. "just" a 2x pot bet. I don't really have proof for this but it's just a hunch I have based on experience.

    3rd hand: you are right, it would be better to have a diamond, and if we play every QT combo like this we are probably getting out of line. However, donking does not seem like a good option since villain still has the range advantage (in fact even moreso on this card).

    4th hand I agree donking is likely best.

    7th hand I assume you're talking about the flop, and yes I agree we could go bigger, although we might not get called as wide.

    8th hand I disagree with you and stand by what I said in the video.

    9th hand QTo, that sounds like a spewy idea since I don't expect him to ever fold a boat.

    thanks for your enthusiasm :)
  • pisiattu


    10th 87s one and done or double barrel if an oppo calls?
  • REXREX28301


    Very interesting
  • oblioo


    #20: depends on who/how many people call turn and what the river card is, but I'll usually be bluffing river with 8-hi.
  • Zolotarsp


    Awesome content, as always, thank you.

    @87s hand you said 'after raiser didn't cbet, it's obvious he can't have anything'; but why can't he have weak-ish Ax, which he chose not to bet 4-way? BTW, A4s made 2pair ott. Or are you that confident he's gonna fold them anyway on the river?

    also: overpair (99) in 4-way pot - easy fold; 2 undercards - easy bet =D
  • oblioo


    #23: Yes, you are right that CO can potentially have 2 combos of A4s, but first of all that's very rare (because it's 2 combos), and secondly that's why we choose a hand with some amount of equity, i.e. a gutshot to bluff with. I do think that other weak Ax will most likely fold to a large bet in a 4-way pot.

    thanks for your comment :)
  • ConteCaly


    very nice video coach... with graet tp (specially the analysis of the previous posts)
  • MatthiasPohl


    Nice vidéo! I really like your fold with 99 on flop in the multy way pot!