Collin Reviews Twister Tournaments

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $15
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Twisters are jackpot tournaments similar to Spin & Go, available on iPoker network. Our SNG expert decided to analyse a few very interesting hands giving you some general advice.


3-handed HT hyper turbo jackpot PokerTracker prize review spin twister

Comments (7)

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  • Sztalker1


    Interesting video! Good battles. Good bluffs. :)
  • RedHeater


    Interesting and useful video, thanks Collin! Some people are suggesting limping a wide range at, I don't know, 8-12 blinds or so in Spins, I believe in order to keep the SPR high and so allowing us to outplay our opponents post flop, particularly against villain's who hardly ever raise the limps. Maybe that is hero's idea here by open limping a lot late on.
  • RedHeater


    I have bit of a general question. Sometimes you are recommending small cbets on the flop. In this video I believe there are two incidences, both on A high flops. Can you give any guidance on when it is good to have a small (third of pot?) flop c bet? I have gone backwards and forwards with my flop c-betting size and recently I have been betting always half pot or slightly less every time.
  • CollinMoshman


    #1 Sztalker1: Thanks!

    #2 Redheater: Glad you enjoyed the video :) Definitely, there are some good spots to openlimp even as short as 8bb or so. Generally dryer flops are the best for small cbets, including a lot of ace-high and paired flops.
  • Evjak29


    6 With that , it was very poorly played .. totally unnecessarily high bid
  • smerti1111


    Minraising with AK and 8 blinds to induce is so bad, he just calls and if we dont flop a pair its just a guess. If i will do it i will use 99-AA and stack on any flop.
  • Renmerb


    I think as standard in the low level twisters min-raise>limp without some reads. Also, any attempt to induce should be with reads, need villain to have reasonable 3b/iso rate, but can work very well.