Moving up in Spin & Go: Crushing the Micros

  • Recorded coachings
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $7 - $15
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This is the last coaching from Collin's Spin & Go month. Our coach invited a well known SNG grinder and together they discussed the general strategy in these tournaments.


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  • nakkekakke


    Thanks for the video! I think I learned a lot from this :)
  • Elunia8


  • Newcolt


    Very good
  • PavelSch


  • linda82


    nice video thx
  • peaktor


    Guys, what kind of music plays in the beginning?!
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Nakkekakke: Thanks, glad you learned from the video :)

    #8 Peaktor: The song was San Francisco by the Mowglis
  • xeperek


    Wow. Two experts opinions about hands + question and answers in one video! Such value, Thx!
  • VickyGroves


    good video. learned alot. Any more videos in the near future?
  • RobZomby


    Hey. Another great vid.
    Any idea on the brm on these? if you mentioned it, I must have missed it. 50 BIs seem kinda short to me. I'm shifting towards 75+.
  • Schrader69


    hi how do we contact David for coaching?
  • deivisnu


    Thanks, very helpful !