FL $0.5/$1 Live Video: Basic Hand Reading

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
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hand reading Live Video reads Titan Poker

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  • minoan


    Thanks for sharing.Clear and direct.Compliments!
  • ukcoolcat


    good vid, gave me something to work on.
    minoan, clear and direct? i think not, don't like the american english, but tangible none the less ;-)
  • bahmrockk


    ukcoolcat i have to say that i never went closer to America than ... Gibraltar. I think that 'american' expression just gets created like the original american english got established: It's bad ;)
  • ukcoolcat


    bahmrockk, i live in berlin, and most of the germans i know that speak english have never been to america either, but they still use american accents and words, and yes, american english is bad!
  • SeN


    I hope I don't offend you by saying this, but when you talk it sometimes seems like you are choking, trying to vomit and crying at the same time because of the strange noises you make. Watching your videos would be a more pleasant experience without having to fear for your dear life.
    Also, at times you are so insanely condescending to bad players, labeling them as 'dumb as shit' and so forth (not necessarily in this video, but I've watched several of them now and it appears to be a common, recurring theme), which I do not think is very classy. People play poker for a whole lot of reasons, and lack of expertise in a field in which you happen to have some knowledge is flat out idiotic. This is the equivalent of a medical doctor thinking his patients are idiots because they always show up sick at his office, being unable to cure themselves, a personal trainer who looks down on people who need his advice to get in shape, or any other combination where someone simply has more experience than a person he interacts with you could think of.
  • qwery1


    Its always easy jujge when you do nothing guys. I want say thanks bahmrockk, I like your videos very much and help my game a lot, pls keep going.
  • kevvu


    Nice video, thanks.
  • kaynine1784


    Well I'm from Canada and never have a problem understanding what your trying to say even when you can't think of how to pronounce, because you always come up with good examples to explain it. By the way I love insults you come up with it adds humour to video, really makes it more enjoyable. Keep up the great work. :o)
  • HomeroJ


    I agree with kaynine, nice video!