A2s to A9s played correctly

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  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
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KTU gives you some very aggressive advise to play A2s to A9s correctly. Have fun!


aces how to play low aces pokerhands suited

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  • samxiasung


    Very nice video, waiting for your next videos
  • Dyonis88


    Thanks for the advice!
  • andiofwbafc


    Another very good video KTU, thank you.

    PS. Maybe somebody needs to change the title of the page to stop it becoming confusing, this is how to play A2s-A5s NOT A2s-A9s !!!
  • KTU


    the video is indeed about all suited aces. But you can play A6s-A9s only as a open raise and as a passiv defend in the big blind. Introducing A2s to A5s as must 3-bet hands is of course the main topic this time.

    So, have fun with all suited aces ;)
  • andiofwbafc


    @KTU - Thanks for clearing that up.

    I was quite tired last night so I confused myself a little. I will have to watch the video again now and check that the notes I made whilst watching are correct!
  • apuka77


    Very nice video, waiting for your next videos. Good jobs.
  • KingKlaas


    I am surprised to see these hands opened from ALL positions! Not what i learned earlier here..
  • joaocarlos83


  • MisterSnS


    A guy posted a hand today in which he says that you, KTU, tell in this video to always 3bet A2s-A5s vs an UTG-Raise.

    Imo this is simply wrong. Isn't the reason that they overfold vs 3bets? You kinda put every player in the same pot, even though there are a) a lot of recreational players, and b) bad regs out there who call too much vs. 3bets (which in return makes this play, in combination with the rake, very unprofitable, not only on the micros)
  • fapaja


    Very interesting approach. Seems a little controversial, when reading the comments and I'm looking forward to follow the discussions in the forum... :)
  • KTU


    hey MisterSns,

    well if you have concrete reads, feel free to make a exploitative decisions. However not bluff 3-betting in unknown scenarios is a severe mistake that can easily be spotted with a HUD. Generally speaking weak players / beginners should not try to reason from exploitative point of view too much. If they would really know how their opponents are playing they would play high takes or Zoom500 at least. Usually beginners justify their emotional responses / gut feelings with pseudo reads, e.g. "I will fold my top pair here, because I don't think he is bluffing this way.", "He will never overbet as a bluff", "He sees me attacking the blinds all the time, thi s is why he is bluffing me often now". In fact they have no idea how to analyse their opponents. Being extremely unbalanced, like 3-betting 1% MP vs UTG is a huge leak ans needs to be justified very well. Don't do that. 3-betting A2s vs A5s UTG vs MP is also Snowies advice https://www.pokersnowie.com/preflop-advisor.html btw :)
  • Avskum


    If we open raise and get 3-bet from any pos, do we fold?
  • Avskum


    sorry you said it in the video, WE FOLD! But mabye think about it if we are in pos and guy is super fish!
  • Odinathor


    @Avskum: So just call
  • serbianski


    Very nice hand for nice bluff and confusion in players mind
  • PokerCrises


    Nice for beginner👌 Most in this Limit wouldn't think like that.
  • prp101


    Very nice video,I hope that I learned it and won't make same mistakes.
  • InezMuchez


    I have a question about the A3s play on the J87 7 6 board:
    What do we rep when we push? 9T seems to be only value combo. It's unlikely we have a full, we should be raising sets on the flop. Would we push TP for value? I dont think we can get called by a lot of worse hands with Jx. So our opponent should be thinking that its 9T or a busted draw right?