NL200 Zoom Live with ilares (1)

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Welcome to live coaching debut by ilares for English community! Our coach played NL200 Zoom on two tables. Enjoy!


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Comments (13)

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  • simona199199


  • paborito1385


  • Mazhulik


  • jhonyjhon


    it is a good video.interesting
  • Shomix88RNMD


  • BORT99


  • Vforr


    veryinteresting :)
  • KABALua


    I dont understand - why that guy turns on a cam... He whants to be a internet star or he whant to show how amazing he looks ?!
    And with hes pretty silent spech, and turned on cam, that take some % of attention to it... i just miss like 70% of realy usefull info.
    Pretty hard to learn at such types of learning video.
  • Danicek


    I think it would be better if you have some headset or something. Sometimes its really dificult to understand. Anyway thanks for videos :)
  • porterci


    same here.. turned it off after 5 mins ..due to the poor "sound quality"
  • tukioppilas62



    Pretty chaotic video :D You mumble all the time and giggle :D but fun except the backround noise! 06:15 why open 84ss why double barrel 0Eq bluff?
  • ilares


    @10: for the cam it's become an habit in the french community; you can also see on most stream on twitch that people have a cam
    i personnaly think that it's better to see someone when you listen to him too
    if it really bothers you, well you can put something in front of your screen where my face is ;)

    @11,12,13: i have a microphone since a weekand i'll try to speak more clearly starting from today
    I hope it will be better! cheers

    for the 84s the open from SB is loose i agree with you
    cbet seems standard we have some 4,7 and diamond for equity
    on the turn it's exploitative to bet again with no equity but i think it's okay with 0 SD value do it sometimes
  • Buzibaer


    1. learn english
    2. use a headset, the sound quality is terrible
    3.explain in more details why you play a hand the way you play it