How to play big broadway hands

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
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Big broadway starting hands such as QJ, KJ and KQ look very good and can hit big draws. However, most of the time you will face a situation where you will be holding just a middle pair. Our no-limit expert KTU brings advice on how to deal with these kind of spots!


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  • Tezza459


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  • maukop


    Good video
  • cath0


    very interesting!!! thank you!
  • Knampf


    Does the 3-2-1 rule apply to full ring too?
  • Nicbers800


  • joe616


    woooooooooooow it is amazing. 16 minutes were very helpful I really like this video. can you help me to do the same thing as there is on video? it is good
  • tetimiramar


    Excellent and very insteresting video! Thank you!
  • InezMuchez


    If you calldown three streets with 2nd pair with KJ on QJxxx board, you would do the same with KQ right? I just got confused a little bit about calling with 2nd pair according to the 3-2-1 rule, but not falling in love with TP.
  • KTU


    Hey InezMuchez,
    like the 3-2-1 rule everything depends on your and your opponents position. If you pretend to have a weak bluffcatcher hand and your opponent tries to bluff you with a wide button range, your 2nd pair is worth a lot. But if you think about a spot where you are the aggressor and later you got raised, your top pair is not that awesome anymore. Feel free to post a specific hand so that we can tackle this problem in detail :)
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    very good